2011 Eb2 did not file 485

I have approved I140 from Employer A in July 2011 in eb2. i joined employer B 3 years back. Employer B has started PERM process and it’s going to be approved soon.

As per latest visa bulletin, my PD is not current.
1- Is there any issue bcos I did not file my 485 for more than a year my date being current?
2- I assume I cannot file now bcos the dates are not current. (I am little confused based on the response here Priority date is current. What is the timeline to file I-485)
3- Should file in eb2 or eb3 or wait for few months of visa bulletin?

There should be no issue as such.
Your H1B may only be extended for upto 1 year only since you did not file i485 when the date was current.

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In March 2023 my date was current… can I file i485 till March 2024 whenever my perm gets approved, even though its not current at present?

Sorry to tag on this post, i’m in a similar situation my PD is Jan 20 , 2011 i filed my 485 in May this year but then later PD got retrogessed, now that it will be current again, when shall i expect it to be approved for EB2 India.