Priority date is current. What is the timeline to file I-485

Hi Anil,

I have approved I140 from Employer A. Now i joined employer B one year back. Employer B has started PERM process and it will take around 2 yrs to complete PERM and I140 process.
As per latest visa bulletin, my PD is current.
1- Is there any time restriction to file I485?
2- If it’s delayed to file I485 within specified time period, what are the options for me? Because Employer B has just started the PREM processing.


As per the rule, you should file i485 within 1 year of the date getting current.

If the date retrogresses, then there is no issue.

Applying new PERM and getting approved with new Employer is taking time. In case, filing i485 takes more than 1 year, will there be any issue?