[221g administrative processing]H-1B visa renewal with arrest record , no conviction

Hello, I was arrested under Domestic violence in 2021 in USA in WA and the charges were dismissed after stipulated order of continuance for 6 months , no admission of guilty, no conviction.

Now I came to India in May 2023 and attended Dropbox appointment for visa renewal on May 16th at Us embassy New Delhi. At the window the associate accepted all the documents but refused to take certified court document. She said we have standard set of documents which only we take.

I got white slip to attend interview and my passport was returned. I attended interview on May 25th. I submitted court dismissal , charge sheet as asked. My charge sheet also had police report, which I unknowingly gave to V.O . That police report paints bad picture. My passport was returned back with yellow slip return current passort administrative processing.
My ceac.state.gov website says Refused and the case was last updated on May 25th.
There is no update since then.
I have sent explanation letter to ustraveldocs and also to nivnd@state.gov from which I got general reply that my case is under review.
I have sent congressional enquiry from my state senator on June 21st.
Could anyone share if you have similar experience from Us Embassy New Delhi? What did you in such scenarios?

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@disaster_queen Did you receive any update?

i am similar situation and similar timelines, let me know if you have an update