221g blue slip and returned passport for client letter at Chennai

Hi Sir,
I have attended interview on 1st Oct 2019 in chennai. VO asked basic questions, at last he asked for client invite letter, i have provided the one which is provided by my employer at the time of petition. It is on my employer letter head. He saw that document, then he said i need to send the end client invite letter , he has issued 221g blue slip by checking the options for the documents required to submit and returned the passport.

If i submit the end client invite letter, is there any chances that my visa get approved.
Can i have hopes on this.


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Hi @Naveen_Kumar_R

The chances of approval are good if you can submit the document as requested by visa officer. You should submit the client letter on client’s letter head.

ok thanks a lot. Actually i am in confusion and lost hopes on this, most of them are saying chances are very less and it takes more time like some months.

Hi @Naveen_Kumar_R

The fact is that nobody knows how much time it will take. It varies by each case.

Everybody on internet forums just talk about their perception and their own experience.

There is no need to worry. You have to wait as there is no other option. Just relax. The fact that they have issued form 221g means that they are verifying something.

If visa officer had to deny, he would have denied it in visa interview itself. Hopes are still alive.

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Hi Anil

I had attended visa stamping interview in Chennai and they gave a 221g blue slip with no documents requested…

Sep 11th 2019-

VO asked basic questions like, who is your petitioner, whats your US Salary, Client location, Client name, How many children, highest degree, Asked for a client letter.

I gave my ECL and it was on Clients letter head and VO asked it shows only till Dec 2019 and i said "I have to go and get my extension done ".

Are you travelling together and i said Yes

VO took my ECL and went inside …came after some time and asked whether “Can he keep the ECL with him”…I said Yes and issued a blue slip
—Its been 30 + days now and no updates yet on the site and even my client manager wasn’t contacted yet …he is ready with all documents.

Its a EC model and have even got new ECL with 2020 dates.

I am a US local hire with i140 approved from Employer A and currently working with Employer B ( Joined on Jan 2019 and got visa approved on April 5th 2019 with 1 year visa and it gets over by Dec 2019).

I have my rents and car loans going on there and just came for vacation after 3.5 yrs for just 20 days and I’m struck now with my family in India…
Your expertise would help me a lot.

Hi @sravee85

You should be able to get approval within 6-8 weeks.

Have they kept your passport or returned it?

Anil…they returned my passports during the interview and did not ask any documents till.date and also my client wasnt contacted yet
Its more than a month now and still waiting…im worried since my visa gets over by dec 2019 and need to be ter in US so that i can file my extension

Hi @sravee85

You would need to file extension again if your visa does not get approved before the current H1B i797 expiry.

Unfortunately, in case where passport is returned, the usual time is 6 to 8+ weeks.

It would be a fresh h1b right if its beyond i797 …since im on my seventh year…or will it be a extension…but just oraying it should be done bfore that…i have a 2 yr old girl and have loads of things left ther and credit card payments ,loans etc…as of now its around 6 weeks now

Hi @sravee85

You would need to file an H1B extension using approved i140.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I have submitted soft copy of the client invite letter on Oct 14 2019 to Chennai Visa office email id. Around 5th Nov US Visa office sent a verification email to the person mentioned in the client letter, Client replied with all the details.

On 21st Nov got email from Chennai Visa office to send my passport along with copy of the email. I have submitted my passport.

What could be the next process.


Hi @Naveen_Kumar_R

You just wait for your visa approval and keep checking CEAC website for status. Don’t worry. Asking for passport is a very good sign.

Thanks a lot. Hope my visa will get approved.

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Hi Anil,
My Visa is approved. This is my fresh H1B , i didn’t travel US earlier.
my current client (mentioned in H1B Petition) doesn’t have position.

Now i am looking for different client and location. Do i need to amendment?
If my amendment in In-Progress, Can i travel to US and start work for different client.

Hi @Naveen_Kumar_R

The best and safest option is to file H1B amendment in Premium, get approval and then enter US.

Hi Anil, thanks . I am getting multiple and different answers for this amendment . Few say file amendment n travel, others say get approval and travel. By the way what are the chances of success rate for amendment as this is my fresh h1b.

Could you please suggest

Hi @Naveen_Kumar_R

You are getting different answers because you can enter US with current valid visa stamp.

But, if you answer that you are going to work for a different client than what’s mentioned on your H1B approval, Immigration officer can deny your entry. If that happens, you will have a bad record on your name.

That’s why i said ‘safest’ option.

Amendment success rate depends on your Employer paperwork. There is no one spoon that can measure all amendment applications.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, thanks a lot for the information and suggestions.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, I have a valid visa stamped for client A, i haven’t travelled US yet. If I initiate amendment process for different client from India, if US Embassy approve the amendemnt, do i need to go again for stamping.?

New visa stamp is not required as long as you have an amendment approval and i797 copy.