233512 Mechanical Engineer Chance of Invite 2019 Archive

233512 Mechanical Engineer with 75 point chance of invite for 189, DOE 11th March 2019.

You should get invite in either April or May 2019 draw.

@anil_am22 Compliments of the season Anil, Kindly help clarify.

If I have applications at 75points with DOE 20/July/2019 for both Mechanical Engineer and Engineering Technologist, when would I get invites for 189?

Hi @Sensei

Chances are low for an invite until October 2019 draw with 75 in both Mechanical engineer and Engineering Technologist.

Situation may change after October as new rules are coming into picture in November.

Hi…I have 75 points for mechanical engineer category (233512) and the EOI was submitted on June 18, 2019.

Can you please tell me the chances for receiving the invitation this year.

Hi @Kesiam

You may get an invite for mechanical engineer by November 2019 with 75 points. Chances are fair.

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Hi @Sampath_Yermal

The points requirement will definitely see a jump after November 2019 as everyone will get extra points.

I cannot estimate until you have filed the EOI.

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Hi @Sampath_Yermal
Chances are low for an invite with 70 points until December 2019 as per my estimate.

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Hi @Sampath_Yermal

Apply now and then wait for points to increase.

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Hi ,
What will be the time frame for
189 -65
190-70 points ? How much time it takes normslly to pick invitation, lodged 2months ago.

Hi @bharat_chandra

As per my estimation, there is no chance of invite with 65/70 points for Mechanical engineer at this time.

For 75 points which Visa they are picking up ?
190 ?

Is there any chance for 75 points to invite?

I have 75 points as Mechanical Engineer - 233512 date of effect 13-March-2019. When can I expect invite.

Hi @narendrasvyas

You can expect invite by Sep 2019 with 75 points and date of effect in Mar 2019 as per my estimate.

Is there any chance to invite for 75 points ?

Hi @bharat_chandra

Please read my answers above before asking the same question which has already been answered.

The invite estimate depends on the date of effect which in your case is NOT known. You are just hypothetically asking a question.

Hello Mr.Anil ,

You answered to my question as 65/70 there is no chance .And i asked you is there any chance for 75 points ? Just answer to it ,that’s it .

Don’t answer like as if you only knows each and everything. Okay .

You should try to be a bit POLITE when you ask for help. No one is obliged to give you an answer, we are all here to help each other.

Anil is trying to help out voluntarily, we should be thankful for this guidance. Great Work mate :+1:

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Hi @bharat_chandra

I don’t have answers to your questions. Sorry.