ACS new process - Submit notarized experience job duties letter?

ACS - as per new process do i need to submit notarized experience job duties letter, payslips, passport etc

Or without notary documents will work? What all documents need to be notarized can anyone guide?

Notary is not required as per new ACS assessment process.

Yes Anil, you are right. No notarization required now. I had submitted on November for ACS and got positives assessment this week. Steps I followed below.

  1. Scan the original of all documents.
  2. Saved to a PDF less than 3MB and ensured it is not read only in properties.
  3. Named it accordingly as the proof to be uploaded.
  4. Each qualification and experience is counted as one episode. And each episode can hold documents upto the size of 5MB.
  5. Apart from the qualification and employment support documents you would need your scanned passport and resume in PDF format.

It takes up to 4 weeks for the assessment to complete.
Thank you so much @Anil.Gupta for all your help.


Hello @Anil.Gupta, @christybaby, Thanks for all your replies.
I have one more query - in case i fail to get the reference letter from company and go for affidavit.
Do i need to have letter from the employer stating the reason for not providing the letter on the letterhead? last time it was not needed? is it newly added or i am wrong?

Hi @Wayne88

ACS asks for letter from employer in some cases where it thinks that the co-worker letter is not genuine.

As per new requirements, co-worker’s employment verification letter is required along with his affidavit.

Thanks for your reply @Anil.Gupta
I heard ACS recently asked if someone is going for affidavit, he need to have letter from the employer stating the reason for not providing the letter on the letterhead - is this correct?

Yes, that’s correct. ACS has changed their document requirements recently.

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In what format do I need to create my Resume for ACS, any specific format is there?
for example it should be 3-4 pages long?

I m unable to confirm about notarised doc requirement, I checked website also. Even on your website it is showing that notarised docs are required…I am bit confused. sorry for asking the same thing again.

Hi @anamika

There is no specific format for resume. Just share the normal CV that lists your projects, employers and your roles and responsibilities. It can either be 1 page resume or 10 pages as per your work experience.

Notary is not required as per new ACS requirements after Sep 2019. Please read above for further discussion.

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