ACS Reassessment documents - proof of co-worker employment

I am planning to file ACS reassessment.
Recently In the online application, they have changed the rules and now they ask for additional details for Statutory Declaration or Affidavit by the work colleague.

Employment certificate/statement of service
Leaving certificate if no longer working at the same company

I have four questions.

  1. In my first assessment, i did not provide any of the above document from my work colleague.
    So now should i get these documents from my colleagues for the work experiences which are already assessed in my first skill assessment ?
    If so, how to present this to ACS ?

  2. In my current company, my senior colleague can certify my employment, but he cannot provide his offer letter because that has his compensation details.
    For the first 3 months in the current company is considered as probationary period, after which we usually get a confirmation letter from the company that we have completed our probationary period. This is printed on company letterhead.
    So will this document suffice for the above ?

Or should i ask my work colleague to get any other correspondence from Company ?
like Employment Certificate ?

  1. Should I upload my latest Resume ? If so, under which section ? I mean, in which document should i add my resume ?

  2. In the ACS Guidelines document, it is mentioned as below.

7.4 Statutory Declarations and Affidavits

’ Employment contracts, appointment letters or position descriptions will NOT be accepted as supporting evidence . ’

So does it mean that I need NOT attach, my offer letter, or latest salary revision letter ?
I currently have these documents for employment.

1) First and Latest Payslips.
2) Bank Statement for latest salary.
3) Form 16, ( first two pages )
4) Affidavit from senior work colleague.

What else am i missing ?

You need the co-worker’s employment verification letter if he is still working with same employer.

Is there a format for resume to be uploaded in ACS ?

There is no specific format for resume. You can upload whatever you have used for job applications.

Hi Anil,
When first time i filled ACS for skill assessment, i submitted affidavit for company A. I have left the company A now. Now for reassessment, should i again provide the affidavit for the same company ?

And should i provide the relieving letter from company A ?

And i couldn’t find where to upload my resume in the online application.

Hi Anil,

I also applied for re-assessment but did not provide co-workers employment certificate.

CO contacted me for additional “payment evidence” but they did not ask for employment certificate from co-worker. Does this mean that it should be OK ?

Hi Avdhesh,

Did u provide your payslips, Bank statement as payment evidence during reassessment?

Also did u provide the affidavit again for the same employer ?

Hi @sandy47rao

You have to resubmit everything again as reassessment is a new application.

ACS will only count the time that’s mentioned on each employee reference letter or affidavit or co-worker letter.

It should be okay as long as ACS has not asked for it.

Hi Anil,

In reassessment application form, i can see the previous submitted documents like affidavit and payment evidence.

Also in the FAQ i read that previous documents will carry forward. So I did not consider to submit the affidavit of the same company again.

Please clarify.

Hi Sandesh,

At the time of reassessment, I was not aware of this new conditions. So I uploaded the old documents as it is. After 1 week, CO send email to me and asked for 2nd payment evidence. So I provided bank statements.

They did not mention or ask for co-worker letter. Not sure why. Is it mandatory requirement or optional(co-worker letter) ?

I submitted the same “statutory declaration” which I used last time for my manager. No change. My manager is still working with the same employer.

ACS does not delete your old documents. But, they do allow you to upload more documents.

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Hi Anil

I have a query regarding qualification to do acs evaluation - I don’t have a degree as such 3 years or 4 years or masters. I did my 3 year diploma (polytechnic) in engineering and after I continued working in a IT product company for more than 11 years now. will I am eligible to apply PR or any visa like 491 and able to get a positive assessment from acs based on your experience in this field.

My first assessment was filled on 15.06.2017, and at that time I was working with Company B

I continued to work with B until 06-12-2017.
Now that I have switched the company from B to C, I want to add my remaining work experience with B, i.e after 15-06-2017 till 06-12-2017 (which was my last day in B).

In the online application, I am not able to edit the end date for B

So the only option I have now is to add a new entry (Experience #3) for B again with the dates starting from 16-06-2017 till 06-12-2017.

Is this correct ? Or is there any other way to add my experience for B?

After entering the experiences as described, I can see the overview of experience like the below. Experience 1 and 2 were part of the first assessment.

I have added Experience 3 and 4 now.
( First assessment)
Experience 1 company B 11.07.2008 to 15.06.2017
Experience 2 company A ( first company)

( Reassessment )
Experience 3 company B 16-06-2017 till 06-12-2017
Experience 4 company C 07.12.2017 - till date

They are not in chronological order.
is i this ok?

I have not yet submitted my application.


Hi @sam7

It’s not possible to suggest anything just by your education diploma name.

ACS looks at the subjects you have studied and other details.

If you are interested in PR, it is better to invest in assessment to know where you stand.

Hi Sir
Please clarify on two Queries in ref to file for ACS .

  1. I have taken a Statuary Declaration from a colleague. So do I also have to submit his employment Proof as these are confidential things and my Colleague may not give. I have however taken a letter from company that i do work for the tenure.So please clarify if Employment proof of my colleague is mandatory ?

  2. My company was been Acquired by successively three times ,so my Salary slips and Form16 Employer details shows different . So suggest how to overcome this . Its the same company but renamed after acquisitions.

Hi @OZie

Proof of co-worker Employment is required.

Your current company can write previous company names in their letter to say that this has been their old names.

Thank you Sir for your reply.
I had a discussion with my company and they had provided me only Experience letter but no Roles and responsibility mentioned in it .
However the HR said that if i provide enough evidence if any education institute is asking for Roles letter then they can review it.
Anil my query is do you have any idea on any institution which clearly ask candidates to mention “ROLES and responsibility” along with proofs.

  1. I read that there is a link “” which only mentions Work proof in your website but if you can let me know of any Institution anywhere in world that asks for Roles letter too then it will be helpful. Since i told my HR that i intend to apply in many colleges in many countries …

  2. i have told my HR that i am asking this for higher studies . Or should i tell her that this is for PR purpose ? Or opinion on this please .

Hi @OZie

I haven’t got the time to research on the kind of reference you are asking for.

You should find it yourself and share it with us if you find anything.

I am doing an ACS re-assessment. Mistakenly, I have uploaded the wrong experience letter which I can’t delete. It shows that the application will expire after 30 days. If I will wait for 30 days, will it remove that application including newly uploaded documents? I believe my old assessment documents will remain as it is. But, not sure about newly uploaded documents. Can someone share their experience?