ACS Result - Negative - insufficient documentation

Dear Anil,
Today i have received my ACS Result stating that insufficient documentation & lack of documentation. I have provided as per the ACS guidelines with all proper notary.

  1. PG (MCA) University Certificate, Marks List
  2. Degree Certificate, Marks List
  3. Employment reference Letters with Roles - 2 companies which i worked, Offer letters of 2 companies
  4. Payslips
  5. Resume

I am shocked with the result. As per my experience i will get 10 Points.
Could you please suggest me what to do now. I have attached my result letter. Please help me.

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I can’t read what’s written on your screen shot.

You can take a better screen shot that does not have white spaces?

Sorry, Attached

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This seems strange and happens only if all your documents are useless.

Are you sure you uploaded correct documents? Did you verify?

You can email ACS support to ask for explanation as to why everything has been rejected?

I will send a mail now. All my experience and education is genuine.

even my husband has received a letter from ACS today, the same guy has signed the letter. The assessment output is also negative, they have not assessed his previous experience letters. we had sent an email to ACS for clarification.

I have submitted all my documents in black/white scan, as per new rules originals should be submitted in color. Even my wife ACS Result is doubt now, expecting the result this week. I felt that at-least ACS can suggest through mail to send color scan before process with assessor.

I followed instructions as per local agent and failed. I suggest everyone to check the required documents as per latest changes.

I do understand this is for the new process, where in previously submitted documents will be there on ACS portal, cannot be deleted or modified. in that case ACS should consider previous assessment results…


The same thing happened with me. My engineering degree was assessed, but they have not considered my experience. I have submitted employer roles & responsibility letter and payslips. I have sent an email to the case officer.

Any pointer would be appriciated.

did you get the result of review application?

No, I haven’t applied for review application. Could anyone can please advice what step I have to take next?

Hi @ykb12345

The next step depends on the negative result reason given by ACS.

Hi, I am also in the same boat. Have you got any response from ACS on your query?

Hi, Same guy has signed my letter too. Got negative assessment. Have you got response from ACS? Please share the response with us.

Yes, i got response they said color scan is mandatory, black and white scan no longer accepted.

Are you going to file review application now with color scans or sending them in same application via email?

i need to add all color scan copies and need to pay 395$ to review my application.


Received my ACS result today and it has been rejected .
I submitted black and white attested copies of all documents and only submitted payment proof of current organization.I have already emailed the authorities asking for the reason for rejection , hopefully they should respond . But in the meanwhile can some one help me know why my employment is considered for 20hrs / wk instead of 40hrs ?

Hi @Mayura

Your employment letters should mention the number of hours clearly or the word ‘full time’ to be considered a 40 hour work.

Hi Anil,

My husband submitted skill assessment for 262113 code on 31st Dec 2019. He got a negative outcome saying not assessable due to insufficient documentation. His paper works were all correct as per the requirement. Kindly advise.