ACS: Tax documents issued by the employer are NOT accepted

Hi Anil,

We are in the middle of the ACS process.
We submitted the Bank statement,Form 16 and the payslips for all the employed years.

However the feedback given by the ACS team is given below,

  • Bank statements that do not state the name of the employer will NOT be accepted
  • Tax documents issued by the employer are NOT accepted. Tax documents must be issued by the government.

Also the bank statement that I submitted, contains the name as “INF” instead of Infosys technologies and we explained them that,FORM 16 is a legitimate document but still they came back and replied as below.

  • Please note, payment evidence that does not meet our guidelines will NOT be accepted.
  • You may upload another type of payment evidence for documents that do not meet our guidelines.

We are not sure what is the exact issue as they are not giving any specifics about the document and generically replying.

Please let me know if there is any other alternative on the same.Appreciate your response.


Hi Anil,

Is there any info that you got around this ?Please advise.


You can try and submit other types of financial proof documents as given here:

Hi Karthikeyan,

Can you please update what workaround did you do for the mentioned query, seems I have the same issue.