ACS Work Experience 'After Month' Calculation Questions & Answers

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Hello Anil

I hope you can give me better idea regarding ACS skills assessment. How many years of experience can I get based on ACS calculation(after deduction)?

I am going to apply for 262113 (Systems Administrator) since my job duties matches with this occupation.

I have
B.Sc(2 years program, major in Mathematics and Physics), 2003 - 2005

MCS(Master of Computer Science(2 years program)) [Actually, B.Sc +MCS = Graduation(16 years education)], 2009 - 2011

MSCS (Software Engineering, 2 years program[18 years education] ), 2013 - 2015

Company 1:
19 September, 2006 to 31 January, 2012 as Junior Executive (IT).

Company 1:
1 February, 2012 to (To Date) as Senior Executive (IT).

Please advise

Hi @Naseer_Rana
Sorry, i cannot do calculations for individual cases.

Dear Anil,

Thank you for nicely articulating the facts in the article.
Just one doubt, I have 13 years of IT exp with BE Electronics. So should my profile be evaluated by ACS as 9 years relevant (i.e 4 years decution from overall exp) or 6 years ( i.e 4 years deduction from last 10 years).
Appreciate your response in advance.


Hi @Sandeep_Mandal

I cannot say how ACS will evaluate as they look at many more details of your work experience than just the years.

Many thanks for your reply @Anil.Gupta.
My only worry is whether I will fall under 8+ or 5-8 years of experience, which impacts my overall score and the 5 points are very crucial to me. Currently, I have all 7 in IELTS and preparing for 79+ in PTE.


Hi @Sandeep_Mandal

The only way to find out is to get assessment done.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
I am software engineer and working in IT.
my experience is
from 01/2010-07/2011 ( 1 year 6 months)
from 08/2011-08/2012 ( 1 year 0 months)
from 08/2012- 06/2015 (2 years 10 months)
from 06/2015-present ( 4 years 8 months) (as i am planning to resign in February, 2020, i.e end of this month with an immediate relieving)

Q1. Could you please tell me how many points will i get for work experience for Australian PR?
Q2. Does my not being on the job while filing for ACS, makes any difference?

Hi @ruchi_langa

I cannot count days or time for you.

ACS will only count the period for assessment that you have worked. Non work period will be skipped.

Hi @Anil.Gupta , PFA my expired acs

I will be resigning from my last mentioned designation by Feb,2020 end.all I need is your help to understand that if I will fall in 8 years experience for Australian PR.
Will I get 10 points or 15 points for my experience if I get the new assessment done.
Also, Does my resign affect it in any other way?

Hi @ruchi_langa

You can check the points yourself by entering this data in your EOI. It will show you how many points can be claimed.

You can keep the end date of your most recent employment (from ACS letter) and if it same as current employment to claim the extra time without any re-assessment.

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Hi Anil,

If I keep my current employment end date open, it will automatically calculate the experience but how could I mention in the EOI if I change the company or in case, if I get promotion from the current employer? Again, do i have to do the skill assessment on the both these cases ?

Hi @ram_cloud

You need a new assessment if you change Employer and want to claim points for that new work experience.

Officially, ACS advises you to get reassessment done for every single case but it is not really required.

My suggestion is to file it only if you change Employer after ACS assessment.

Hi Anil,

ACS validity is 2 years only and if I do the reassessment after 1 year as I changed my company, the remaining 1 year will be continue or it will continue as a fresh and what about EOI?

Every reassessment is same as new assessment and is valid for 2 years.

Hi Anil, thanks for the information.
In the article you mention about “official ACS guidance” for determining the MET date.
Can you point toward the official guide mentioning same. I went through SkillsAssessmentGuidelinesforApplicants.pdf, however couldn’t find anything.

P.S: This has become a point of contention with my MARA agent!

Hi Anil,

I have my full time diploma and Btech(part time), i have 12 yrs of experience in Computer networks.
How can i proceed with acs with diploma or btech?
If i proceed with diploma for acs can i add education as btech during EOI?

Hi Anil,
My Acs shows after April 2015 month. I filed ACS application on 20 June 2020.
What date I should enter while submitting the EOI.


I am a B Tech (IT), MBA Finance from India. And have 1.5 years experience as System Engineer post B Tech and before MBA.

Post MBA i have almost 8+ years of experience as System Analyst/Business Analyst (from every firm have a document of my roles and responsibilities).

  1. Is it possible for the Pre MBA System Engineer exp to be relevant for ICT Business Analyst application?
  2. Also tentatively do you think 2 years or 4 years should be deducted from my experience (just want to know what people think as i know what people say might not be same as ACS result)?

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