Analyst Programmer ANZSCO 261311 Chance of invite

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I updated EOI after successful ACS for spouse; hence securing 5 points extra. I am having 80 points now and last edit date for EOI on 27th Sept 2019 for ANZSCO 261311(Analyst Programmer) category. Does anyone thinks I have chances to get ITA invitation before March 2020. I am turning 40 years in the first week of March 2020.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @AmitS

You have good chance of invite in Dec 2019 draw.

Thanks Anil,

Bit worried as Age flying and I woke up late to think to immigrate to Australia. I read various blogs on Internet and esp. Iscah blogs that with 80 points you cannot get invite before Sept 2020. I see that only 100 applications are picked per month from August onwards, are Australian tightening the PR invitations?
What made you say that by Dec 2020 I have the chances to get an invite?

Hi @AmitS

My estimate is different than Iscah. I said Dec 2019 on wards and not Dec 2020.

It is your choice which estimate to follow. The reality could be entirely different though.


Thanks Anil,

Just worried even after obtaining 80 points I am sitting duck awaiting results.
Any idea why authorities are limiting to only 100 invitations per month nowadays?
When do you see the ITA comes back to normal levels?

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We are expecting invite numbers to increase after Nov 2019 immigration points system change.

Thank You Amit.

I have another query attached to it. I will turn 45 yrs by end of April 2020.

I will have 75 pts in end of September and will have 80 pts as my spouse will have extra 5 pts in my spouse is successfully Skill Assessed (ACS) and also cleared PTE exam at Competent level.

  1. Considering my age, do I have any chance to receive an invitation for visa 189 with the 261311 (Analyst Programmer) of the ANZSCO Code?

  2. Age should be less than 45 at the time of Invite OR at the time of grant of PR? I assume from the time one receives the invite, it takes another 4 months to grant the PR.


Hi @sudhanshu01

You have good chance of invite after Nov 2019 changes.

Age is locked at the time of invite.

I have applied Australia PR- 190 Visa with 75 points (included spouse points - applied for NSW) on September 1st 2019 with 261311 code.
After Nov 2019 rules i will get 80 points, Could you please tell me when can i get invitation , Can i get invitation Before December 2020?

Hi @Kumar123

Are you currently living in Sydney, Australia?

261311 comes under the new additional criteria for NSW which requires 1 year work experience in NSW including current residence.

If you have 80 points along with the new criteria, you have good chance of invite by Dec 2019.

Sorry Present i am in India only,(adding my spouse points 5 due to clearing PTE and same job code) When can i expect invitation please. I am struggling a lot to get correct information about this.

Hi @Kumar123

You are struggling because you are asking the same question again without reading the complete earlier answer.

You do NOT qualify for NSW invite now. You will not get it. Read the link that I shared earlier.

I would not be able to reply again if you do not read and then ask a meaningful question.

Hi Anil, This is Sunitha from India. I am having 70 points now(code 261311) and next month I will get 75 points without state sponsorship.
Please suggest me for which state am I eligible for 190 Visa?
As per November 2019 rules am I eligible for 189 visa with 75 points?

Hi @Sunitha

Chances are low for an invite with 75 points at this time.

I suggest to increase points to at-least 80. Will you get any new points after Nov 2019 rules changes?

Hi Anil,

As per November 2019 rules, I will get 80 points with state sponsorship for 190 visa. Please suggest me for which state am I eligible? I don’t have any Australian experience.

Thanks for your information. Am i eligible for queensland state nomination if am i applying from india please with 80 points after november 16-2019 rules?

Hi @Kumar123

If your job code is on the Victoria’s list, you should be eligible for an invite.

Hi Anil,

For state nominations, does the state opens its window for small duration or can we apply for 190 for a state at any time and then state will take its own time to process our documents and send us the pre-invite if we fit their requirements?



Hi Anil,
Now DHA has clarified there is no new ranking order. Do you think, I still hold a good chance to get the invitation before 01st March 2020 as I will be taking a beat of 10 points reduction(turning 40). I have 80 points(claiming 5 points for spouse) claiming under Analyst programmer category. Thank you.

Hi @Shruti_Sharma

You can apply for state and whenever state opens up their invite quota, they will consider your profile and send pre-invites if you fit their requirements.