Anzsco Code 261311 vs 261312 vs 261313

I work as a Software Developer having 8 years of experience. Planning for ACS assessment.

Which Anzcode Code (261311, 261312 , 261313) has more preference while EOI are invited .

I heard 261312 EOI gets first invited than 261313 EOI ( if both EOIs are having same points). Is that true.

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hi ,

Which job code is better for designation software engineer but role software developer and also to get better chances of invite 189/190

I am updating my ACS.


Total:75 points

All codes with category 2613 have same chance of invite.

Are you sure I am talking about 2613 and for state nomination?

Sorry, i mistakenly wrote 2614 instead of 2613. I have corrected it now.