Is the waiting period for 189 visa to get EOI for 261311, 261312 & 261313 different or the same?

I believe that ANZSCO codes 261311, 261312 & 261313 all fall under the same bucket. But does the 189 invites (for any given fixed score) differ among these 3? In other words, is the invite for different sub-categories under 2613 different? For example, for 3 different applicants with the same score of 75, a guy for 261313 gets invite faster than 261312, and a guy for 261312 gets invite faster than 261311, etc?

All same category code like 2613 have same chance of invite.

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Hi Anil

How abt 190 ? I mean all the 2544 job code have the same chance of invitation from state

States follow a different criteria for sending invites which is based on demand for specific job code in their state.

Hello Anil,

I have 13+ years experience in Software testing. I am planning to apply for Australia PR. While applying for ACS, looking for suggestion on which code to choose if I want to stick to Victoria state. Kindly suggest.

Which code can I go ahead with? - 261313-Softwarer Engineer or 261314-Software Tester?
Which code gets more number of slots for EOI? 261313 or 261314?


ANZSCO should not be selected by choice. It should be based on your daily real job activities and what is written in your work experience letters to get positive assessment.

If you choose a code that does not match with your experience letter content, you will not get points for work experience.

What is chance of getting VIC invite with 75+5 points 2613 now.

Hi @athul_vijay
Chances are low.

Hi Anil,

Currently I am on 75 points for 189 and will be on 80 after Nov 2019 after the rules changes. What are the chances of receiving the invite or shall I go for 190?

Hi @Prince_Kher

I suggest to keep the 190 option too. You will have good chance of invite after Nov changes.


Trying to understand which of the codes, 261313 (Software Engg) or 261111 (ICT Business Anlayst) have a better chance of invitation in 2019-20. I realize that the ceiling for 261313 is higher, but I would presume that the number of applicants would also be proportionally higher compared to 261111.

Hi @Alzi

Both job codes have high demand and have almost same chances of invite.

Hi Anil,

My Acs for Australia has expired and I have to get it renewed. I can check that there several categories like software engineer, analyst programmer, developer programmer, software and application programmer, system analyst and few more. Can you please answer my few queries:

  1. Can you please suggest which categories( job code) for software professional are more helpful for better/ealry chances of getting Australian PR.
  2. My last ACS assessment was cleared with software engineer category.
    What can we do so that ACS is cleared with a specific category for software professionals?
  3. Should I used old affidavits or create new ones from the beginning?
  4. Currently I have 75 points,which will be 85 after 16 Nov. as I will get 10 more points for being single as per new rules
    What are the chances and months expected to get PR with 75 and 85 points for software professionals?

Would really be thankful for a quick response as have to apply for ACS asap…

Thanks a lot.

Hi @ForAm22Tech

Chances of invite for all codes within same category are same i.e. 2613.

You can use old affidavits.

Chances are good for 2613 invite with 85 points.

Hi Anil,

Got your prompt reply on another thread, thanks a lot.
I am a software professional, last acs cleared with Software Engineer category.
I have to get my ACS renewed that will take 1 to 1.5 months I think as per current trend. I will get 10 points after Nov. 16 and my total points will be 85.

  1. Can you please suggest how many months can we expect for PR with 85 points?
  2. Also, after May 2020 I’ll loose 10 points due to age and my points will be 75 again after May 2020.
    What are the chances and waiting period with 75 points ?
  3. Agent and others suggesting me not go for processing with the scenario as mentioned above or at least I should take NAATI CCL to improve scores by 5.

Can you please provide clarity on above three queries.
Thanks, waiting for your reply.

Hi @ForAm22Tech

You should be able to get an invite between Dec 2019 and May 2020 with 85 points.

Thanks Anil.
And what are the chances and waiting peeiod with 75 points?

Hi @ForAm22Tech

Please wait till you get 75 points. Invites change every month. It is too early to say anything about next year.

Don’t be in hurry. Have patience.

Hi Anil,

I got my skill assessment done from ACS and got below feedback.

“Thank you for your ICT skills assessment, which was received by the Australian Computer Society on 10
August 2019.
Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261399 (Software and
Applications Programmers nec).”

Can you let me know whether I can apply EOI on visa type 189/190. If not what is the best way to take care? Do I need to go for review with ACS to request to change ANZSCO code to 261313 or 261311?

I have around 12 years of experience in IT software out of which around 7 to 8 years in complete software engineering and 5 years in Project Management. My Engineering Degree is in civil.

Please help me with your guidance. What needs to be done.

Hi @ammy8425

Your question is un-clear.

If ACS has given your positive assessment for job code 261399, then you must have applied for it.

You can only use the code that ACS has evaluated to file EOI.