ANZSCO code for chartered Accountant & Oracle ERP consultant

I am a chartered Accountant from India and an Oracle ERP consultant. What ANZSCO would I fall into.

Thanks in advance !!


Hi @Yogesh_Mangla

The ANZSCO code depends on what are your day to day jobs and what is written in your roles and responsibilities letter.

It is not possible to give meaningful answer until you share what you really do everyday.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your response. My work responsibilities include following:

  1. Developing functional specifications for use by system developers
  2. Discussing and documenting business requirements
  3. Formulating test plans and performing system testing
  4. Understanding of business requirements and implementing software solutions
  5. Project planning and managing
  6. Preparing user training manuals and conducting user trainings.


Hi @Yogesh_Mangla

It sounds like ‘Business Analyst’ is the right fit for you.

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Thanks Anil,
Sorry for posting too many questions. I have a Chartered Accountant degree from India and 8 Years work experience in software consultancy. Which Assessing body will assess my qualifications? My degree relates to core Finance and Accounts, however my work profile is more related to software consultancy. Will that impact on my experience reduction and consequently points in assessment.
What are the chances in 261111 for a points score of 75.


Assessment company name is written next to the job code you select for yourself.

Each assessment company has their own rules.

Dear Anil,
I’m having 75 points and my profession is chartered accountant. I’m from England. What is the chance of getting PR of Australia?
Many thanks.

Hi @shalinee

Chances of invitation for chartered accountant with 75 points are low at this time. Try to increase points to at-least 85 to have any realistic chance.