Application Rejected - Wrong Jurisdiction

I just got the notification that my passport renewal application has been rejected with the following reason:

  1. Ineligible/Rejection Reason : our application is rejected and returned because it is filled under wrong jurisdiction. Kind request to fill the application again under NEW YORK jurisdiction with new fees by clicking on the following link :

However, the application was indeed filed under NEW YORK jurisdiction, even the application confirmation letter said “New York”- and the courier labels also downloaded/generated from VFS Global also listed that the application is going to be send to New York office.

Did anyone face this problem? I don’t know what step I did wrong in the application.
Even if I had chosen some other jurisdiction, then the application should have generated label for that office and not for New York office.

This seems the weirdest issue. Anyone faced this?


Not heard of such issue from others.

Hi @anil_am22

I got a mail saying my application has been ineligible/Rejected due to wrong entry in the passport application form for Place of issue. They requested for a new application and a new payment. I did apply in Tatkal . Question : Will I get the full refund for my earlier payment?

My application also got rejected with same reason. I am from NC and I fall under Washington DC jurisdictions. Shipping label was also generated from VFS site for Washington DC. Only god knows where to send my application. It’s frustrating.
Did you receive your application back?

Best way if you can send email to consulate staff in both centers with CC and enquire to make sure where should you send it. Inform them about the VFS issues. Add the print of the consulate reply together with your application package to VFS.

Also, ask for the refund of any paid fees from VFS as it is their fault.

Got the same rejection mail today. My residence as well as VFS center was new york.

Did you select wrong location ? Or was this the fault of VFS? If it was their fault, they must repay the full amount together with courier charges.

I had chosen correctly. I hope they do.
Seems to me everyone on this thread is from Newyork center.

In that case, you can dispute the charge with credit card company in case VFS denies full refund.

I have got the same reason. I am in Ohio and vfs said it has to be New York and it generated the label too. Is this a issue with VFS or Indian Embassy? what is my right right jurisdiction

Even i got the same response. Also i tried to again start the application still i can see the same issue. Can you please help?

I got the same email. How long did it take for you guys to get application returned back for reapplying.

Note: Please check if your online application and Physical application are applied under same VFS.

I still have not recieved it… i got an email that they dispatched but when i check the tracking status they are still waiting to get the package from vfs. What about you?

Iam also still waiting for fedex tracking to get updated. I got vfs return dispatch email on Saturday 01/23/2021.

When did you receive email @ankita11190 ?

I got an email on friday 22nd jan. Did you try filling again. I tried and same issue I can see it still showing embassy of Washington.

@ankita11190 if you filed your online Govt application to incorrect location, to do a new application to correct location, you need to register new account in embassy.passport and you will have an option to select consulate/embassy while registering, you can select correct one and create account and create online application from that correct account. Then you would see correct embassy.

In my case I did not fill new application yet, waiting for my application returned, so that I can file new one.

So you mean to say. I have to give a new email address to create a new account and check right??

Yes use new email to create new account

How long did it take for you to get your application after dispatch email from VFS? @ssd

Let me know once you see any update in tracking status. I still dont see anything .@sreeram