Australia PR - Chance of Invite - Analyst Programmer - 80 points

Hi Anil,

80 points are for 189 (incuding 5 points from spouse’s PTE and ACS).

For spouse points, we only get 5 points so how spouse co-applicant has 10 points?



Hi @Shruti_Sharma

If you read other discussions carefully, you would know that the 10 points will be applicable starting Nov 2019 as per new system.

Ok, thank you


Hi Anil,

I have submitted my EOI for subclass 189 with 75 points for 261311 Analyst programmer category in July 2019. Do I stand a chance of getting invited by this year end? Meanwhile have applied ACS assessment for my spouse. Will update EOI with his assessment and PTE scores once done. This will give us 80 points. If I update my EOI will my queue status be affected. Please advise.


Hi @SaranyaDhinakaran

You may get an invite by December 2019 with 75 points.

The date of effect changes if you change the points. It also changes your spot in the queue.

Thanks Anil. If at all by September end I update my EOI with 80. When can I expect a call. Please advise.

Hi @SaranyaDhinakaran

You should be able to get an invite in Oct 2019 draw if you update EOI with 80 points in Sep 2019 end.

Thank you so much for your response. Much appreciated.

Hello Anil

I’m the main applicant (Analyst programmer-261311, MLTSSL) and my husband is the secondary applicant (Software Tester - 261314, STSOL). I had an overall score of 75 for independent and 80 for sponsored category. Now my husband ACS skill assessment came to be successful and he has a competent PTE score as well.

I have 5 EOI’s in total one for independent and the other 4 for Vctoria, NSW, Queensland and Any State. So while I tried updating the Partner skill points for all these 5 EOI’s, except independent 189 EOI all other EOI’s got updated with 5 points. So now my points for 189 is 75 and for 190 is 85.
But for independent even if we try claiming the 5 points by providing all his information regarding DOB, PTE score and ACS assessment still it does not update the score. Is that because Software Tester is not listed under 189 class. Both our job code is listed under 190 scheme so may be that’s why points are getting updated for all the other 4 sponsored category EOI’s.

Now my confusion is if the requirement of both our skill to be in the same list is mandatory then won’t it be an over claiming of points if an invitation I receive for 190 class from any state as my 5 points I gained is by mentioning the partners skill points. So in that case should I edit and remove those points claimed?

Also I heard that NSW now have an additional requirement for some category of occupation to be living and working in NSW for one year. So my occupation comes in that category so that means I cannot expect an invitation from NSW though my secondary applicant is not listed for this additional requirement. But will they consider the occupation code of the second applicant or just the main application? if it is main applicant then chances of getting an invite from NSW is nil for me now? is my understanding correct?

Finally, currently for 75 point scorer by 17th Jul 2019, what is the expected independent visa invitation?

Thanks Anil for all the support which you provide to us.


Hi @Neha_Nidheesh

I request to please ask questions on relevant page. I have moved your question back here as you asked it on some other page.

NSW is out of scope for you now due to their new requirement of NSW experience and current residence.

You cannot claim spouse points as your spouse ANZSCO code does not fall in same occupation list as you.

Only primary applicant’s job code is considered for sending invites.

Chances are low for an invite with 75 points until November 2019.

Thanks Anil for your quick response.

Hi Anil,

I have submitted my EOI on 2nd July 2019 with 80 points for ANZSCO code 261311 - Analyst Programmer. Can you guide me as to how long will it take for an invite for Subclass 189?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Jagruti_Rane

If the trend of only 100 invites that we saw in Aug 2019 continues, then the chances of invite for your case will be after Nov 2019.

If they invite more candidates in Sep draw, then you have good chance of getting an invite in Sep itself.

Thanks a lot Anil. Hoping for the best.

Hi Anit,

At chance of increase in the number of invites for Sep 2019 round? I’ve applied for 261311 with 75 points and after Nov it will be 80 with new point system. Do you see any chance of invite in near future?
Any chance of 190 from any state (NSW - don’t have onshore experience)

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It’s a mystery ! So, we all hope invites increase.

75 points pre-November rules seems to be difficult.

And the 80 points with November rules too, to be frank, as there will be a number of people with 85 points as minimum. Let’s hope for the best :pray:

I often term this as harassment by the Australian Government :laughing:

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Hi Anil,

I came across your site today and find it really Informative.

I am just starting with my process for ACS evaluation. I am little confused as to which job code I should actually select, between Systems Analysts-261112 and Analyst programmer-261311.Is it going to have an Impact during the further steps and eventually on receiving an Invite if I don’t make a good selection now ? Presuming I get 20 Points in the English test my score for 189 will be 80.

Looking forward to your expert opinion.


Hi Anil. I will have 75 pts in end of September and will have 80 pts as my spouse will have extra 5 pts in November. Do I have any chance to receive an invitation for visa 189 with the 261311 (Analyst Programmer) of the ANZSCO Code.? Thanks

Hi @hn_agar

The most important thing is to choose your ANZSCO code based on the daily job activities that you do. ACS will not give positive assessment if you select something by choice and not relevancy.

Positive ACS assessment is mandatory to claim points.

The final invite is based on points and some codes do get invite faster than others based on how many people are competing for it.

Hi @sudhanshu01

Chance of invite are food with 80 points after November 2019.