B2 visa extension

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I want to apply for my mothers B2 visa extension , her I94 is valid till oct 2021 , should i apply now or should i wait for some more time? And what is the process to do so?

It is recommended to apply at least 45 days in advance before current B2 expiry. You can file paper form I-539 with supporting documents or can do it online.

Is there any checklist for that?

  • Completed I-539 Form (PDF) Or File Online (I-539 Online)
    If you decide to e-file, follow these tips and information on how to submit supporting documents. e-File - Supporting Document instructions.
  • An application stating the reason for the requested extension.
  • Proof of financial support during this extended stay. This is same as you provided at the time of sponsoring.
  • Copy of your return tickets as a proof of your temporary stay intentions.
  • Visitor visa (B1-B2) extension fee and biometric fee. Check USCIS site for most updated fees.
  • Copy of I-94 of each applicant.

Thank you kalpesh! One more thing i don’t have a return ticket yet as i am not sure if i get the extension or not , is that fine if i do not submit return ticket? And also in the form there is a question which country issued your passport And recently i renewed my mothers passport from here in NY VFS global so should i mention the country as USA but the visa is on the old passport which was issued in india.

The country who issued your passport is India.

USCIS generally will want to see that you have made arrangement to leave the country. Basically you are required to prove that you will be leaving the U.S. at the end of your authorized stay.
Airline ticket is not strictly required however refundable ticket is better than no ticket at all. If refundable tickets are much more expensive than the non-refundable tickets, you can always submit a prospective itinerary and explain that you will buy the cheaper nonrefundable ticket if the extension is approved and of course you need to show that you have the funds to do so.

Issuing country is always the country of citizenship, so you should answer India no matter whichever country it was renewed at.


Thanks Anil, do you know what should i mention for duration of status D/S ?

Is this applicable for B2 visa?

Hi Anil,

I see one quetn like have you been employed in the US or granted an extension or change of status, i have to reply No and still there is a mandatory respomse required for evidence of source , amt, and basis fr any income but my mother is just home and i take care of all the exp here, what response am i supposed to give here?

I am filling the B2 visa extension online , is paper form better or online application?

Online in general is just more convenient than paper as you avoid printing and shipping.

Thanks Kalpesh, also i wanted to submit i-134 form for my mothers B2 visa extension and i am doing online application so how can i submit I -134 form ? Should i just attach it while doing online application?

I think it should ask for specific documents for the attachment. I would be surprised if it doesn’t ask for I134 specifically. You will need to check it out.

Yes , it doesn’t ask specifically!

Hi kalpesh, I think its optional and some people say its not needed as USCIS shud not think that the applicat doesnt have enough funds to travel so . Not sure what will be better .

And one more question i have , if i a doing the filing online , how can i give hand written signature?

Hi Anil,

Do i need to submit I134 for mothers B2 visa extension? Anything additional aprt from th below documents?

  1. I94
  2. Passport copy fr visa validation
  3. Bank acc statement to book the prospective itinerary
  4. Explanation letter fr visa extension

Hi Anil,

Can you pls advise here?

Hi Kalpesh,

Can I attach a prospective Itinerary and indias bank statement to show funds? Or do i book a ticket Nd cancel it in one day?

You can submit a prospective itinerary and explain that you will buy the ticket if the extension is approved.
Basically the burden is on the applicant to prove that appropriate arrangements have been made to depart the US after the requested extension end date.
You can attach bank statement for US or India account that you will use the funds from to buy the ticket.

Thanks Kalpesh!! One more thing I want to ask is i am filing online so is typed signature fine? There is no way i can show hand written signature.

And also there is one quetn like was i ever granted D/S , is this valid for b2 visa ext?