BCom with 15 year experience in IT - 262112 or 263211

Hello Mr. Anil,

Below is a breakup of the max 75 points that I could theoretically score:
Age: 38 (25 points)
English: 20 points
Education: B. Com (15 points)
Employment Outside Aus: 15 years IT related work (15 points)

I’m working in the IT Information Security Domain. I found 2 closest possible job profile match in the SOL. One was ANZSCO: 262112 (ICT Security Specialist) under MLTSSL (Assessment Agency = ACS).

The other was ANZSCO: 263211 (ICT Quality Assurance Engineer) under STSOL (Assessment Agency = Vetassess).

What will be the main differences in the application process for each of them?
Does STSOL also provide a PR or is it just for a short period of time?

If my employment opportunities will only be limited to one state/region under STSOL is MLTSSL a better option?

Which one would you recommend?

Since I did my graduation in B. Com, how many years of experience / how many points will they deduct?

I have Information Security related certifications of CISSP, CISA, CISM, ISO27001 Lead Auditor.

Will they be given any weightage in the evaluation process? Will there be a separate Skill Assessment that I would need to clear?

The list does not define the PR. It is the PR visa number that matters.

If the job code is available for 189 or 190 (state sponsorship), then you get permanent residency.

190 PR is restricted to specific state for first 2 years.

ACS will deduct at-least 4 years of your work experience as your education does not match your work experience.

Your certifications will be assessed and if found to be relevant, you may get point for them in education point section.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your reply.

  1. What are the differences in the application process for MLTSSLvs STSO? Is STSO more complicated and takes more time to convert?
  2. Will I still be getting 15 points for B. Com even though there are no ICT credits in it?
  3. If I opt for 263211 will Vetassess also deduct at least 4 years of work experience or is it more in their case? Is there any link that explains the Vetassess evaluation process (similar to how you have explained ACS on your wesbite)?


There is no difference in the way MLTSSL and STSOL are processed.

Points for education depend on ACS assessment result.

You have to check VETASSESS rules. I am only aware of ACS rules at this time.

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