Can my mom leave US without doing biometrics while B2 Extension is pending?

Hi Anil,

I applied for visitor visa extension for mom.

Yet to get biometric appointment.

Can she leave the country without doing the biometrics?

Would there be any problem for her next visit?

If we are not doing the biometrics here, does she need to get it done in India so that her application would be processed?

Please advise

Your mom can leave anytime she wants.

Biometrics in India and inside USA are two separate things.

Once she leaves US, her pending B2 extension will be automatically abandoned by USCIS.

There is no need to appear for Biometric in India for this pending B2 extension as it will anyway be denied after her exit.

There are no bad consequences on future entry to US either. Don’t worry.

Her stay in US after i94 expiry till she leaves while application was pending will be counted as ‘period of authorized stay’. Its legal.

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Hello Anil,

What are the documents required to upload for B2 extension? Can you please list it



The same documents that you used while applying B2 for first time.

My mother left US last month and went back to India. This month we got the biometrics appointment. What should I do?

Just ignore it or do I need to do anything?

Hi Anil,
My mom i-94 was until May 2020, we applied for Extension in April.
she had to fly back to india in September, we did not get any update until then,
now i have received a notice saying biometric is scheduled .

can you tell me what should i do in this situation now that my mom is already left to india?
it is extremely difficult to call USCIS customer care and speak with a representative. please help.

thank you in advance

You can probably ignore the biometric appointment and the B2 extension will automatically be denied.

Just keep all the proofs intact to prove your case if you are questioned anywhere in future.

If we ignore the biometrics and our B2 extension becomes denied will it have any effect on our B1/B2 Visa?


I have applied for I94 Extension (I539) for my mother in law due to covid situation 6 months ago. It was kept in received status for almost 5 months. Meanwhile, she travelled back to India.
Now we received a Biometrics appointment for her to attend and she is not in the country anymore.

  1. I would like to know, how can I cancel this appointment and withdraw this petition.
  2. Will the withdrawal have any consequence for her future entry into united states in the same Visa Category (B1/B2) or when she goes for a Visa stamping for new B1/B2 in the future?

Please advise.


Same situation.
What did you do ?
Did you cancel visa extension?

Yes. I checked with USCIS and they told me to keep all the documents and notices for record in case required for future entry into the country. And they told me we can withdraw our petition to extend the stay.

Hi Anil if we leave before biometrics should be write to uscis to inform them or withdraw the case or we just leave?

You can withdraw the application once you have left the US so that USCIS knows that you don’t need it anymore.

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Hi ,

I filled B2 visa extension for my mom in April 2020. We got the receipt number in 2 days after filling the application. She left from US in August 2020.there was no update on her case till January 2021. In February we got an email for biometric appointment, but I ignored it . Then today I got email that her extension is rejected .
Will this create a problem when she re-enters US ?
Expecting an answer ASAP

Hi @Varisa

I suggest to email the embassy and check if USCIS has also not cancelled your mother’s visa stamp.

Normally, due to COVID-19, they are not cancelling visa but there is no harm in checking.

Thanks @anil_am22 .
I did send an email to USCIS 2 days ago , but there is no response from them . I tried calling their customer service but you can never talk to a real person on that number .
I am worried , what should I do next ?


  1. I do not know how things have changed during this pandemic. I would send them certified withdrawal letter of the petition to the service center, along with the following documents.
  • Ticket/Boarding pass copy
  • Copy of biographical page of passport
  • Copy of entry stamp in new country
  • i94 page showing exit
  1. For next visit, keep the same above mentioned documents along with withdrawal letter, receipt notice (any other notices), biometric appointment letter and I-539, handy.

Based on what I have seen and read, Attorney suggests doing 1 and 2 while USCIS suggests doing 2. It’s at your discretion what you want to do.

You should email the US embassy which issued the visa to check if visa is still valid or not.

USCIS is different than US embassy.

Thanks Diwedy .

Unfortunately I did not withdraw my mom’s extension application. I just got the denial for the extension application. Should I still send the documents to USCIS ?

Got it .
Let me do that .
Thanks again !