Can my mom leave US without doing biometrics while B2 Extension is pending?

Hi Anil,

I applied for visitor visa extension for mom.

Yet to get biometric appointment.

Can she leave the country without doing the biometrics?

Would there be any problem for her next visit?

If we are not doing the biometrics here, does she need to get it done in India so that her application would be processed?

Please advise

Your mom can leave anytime she wants.

Biometrics in India and inside USA are two separate things.

Once she leaves US, her pending B2 extension will be automatically abandoned by USCIS.

There is no need to appear for Biometric in India for this pending B2 extension as it will anyway be denied after her exit.

There are no bad consequences on future entry to US either. Don’t worry.

Her stay in US after i94 expiry till she leaves while application was pending will be counted as ‘period of authorized stay’. Its legal.

Hello Anil,

What are the documents required to upload for B2 extension? Can you please list it



The same documents that you used while applying B2 for first time.