Canada WES process - Delhi university


I am planning to get the WES done and following are the steps to be followed :

Step 1

Apply for 2 transcripts from window 9 north campus DU with 1000 for a copy and 100 for additional copy. (OLD transcripts a big NO NO)
Apply for degree transcript with form from window 04 north campus DU (Cost to be borne at the counter).

Step 2

Collect both in separate sealed envelopes and then transfer both into a big envelope ad send to WES from the University post office. (Any additional requirements here )?

Step 3

Once I get the mail from WES about the verification started deposit a DD

Window 103 - transcripts verification
Window 207 - degree verification

Please let me know if this captures all the requirements or not.


Steps look good to me.

Is degree transcript necessary or just the normal marks transcripts available from DU will be enough. Actual degree can be sent out by me from a different post office. Will that work?

Also do i need to include the WES academic record request form in the post sent to wes?

If yes who will be filling the form for authorized officials in DU.

Both degree and transcripts are required to be sent to WES from university post office.

You should follow the WES process for filling their form. I am not sure how to do it at this time.

Okay but again for the transcripts. Are the yellow enveloped transcripts 1 set is enough to send to wes or do i need to ask the university to put in a xerox of degree or wes form before proceeding.

Which one has worked for the past users.

@Anil.Gupta i have small question, since DU provide seperate envelope for both degree and transcript. If we send them both in single envelope from university post office. Does this seems to wes that this is posted by person itself not by university. Since that big envelope does not have seal or signature on it. Nor the university people is stamping on it again. So do we need to send them seperatly both and need to pay 1800 for each envelope.

Hi Gaurav,

I had a conversation over the phone with WES last week. The university transcripts need to be sent directly. The degree can be sent out from your own post office. You can call them and confirm the same.


Hi @gaurav_gupta

I agree with @bchanana

If someone goes to university on my behalf. How much we have to pay then?

Hi @divyaaneja18

The cost varies by who is going. There is no standard rate for these services.

Hi there! I just wanted to confirm that you only need to send transcript DIRECTLY from University and you can send another envelope by yourself with verified MARKSHEET+ PROVISIONAL DEGREE (as I have not applied for degree certificate)

And for verification of Marksheet+ Provisional degree my UNIVERSITY IS JUST stamping with stamp bearing there name i.e university name, so is there a separate stamp like verified by University needed to be done or just a round stamp with university name would be fine … kindly guide me

Hi @J.K

There is no need to ask for re-confirmation of something that has already been answered above.

@bchanana Hi Bharat. Can you please tell me what all documents need to be submitted for degree attestation? I have filled in form and payment receipt. I did both things online.

Also are degree transcripts given in sealed envelops by university?

Hi all,

I just received notification from wes that my degree certificate (statement of marks) is pending for Delhi University. I have already sent the transcripts from Delhi University to WES. Please advise how can i send my degree for DU to WES now. Would be great if someone can respond urgently.


The steps are there on the Forum. You can check them there.

Roughly i Remember the below but do confirm once with the original post

Syllabus - you can find it at DU’s website
Fee receipt - take 2 copies of receipt.
Marksheet or statement of marks issued by DU at the time of your graduation.

Hi Chandni,

I have sent the coloured xerox of the degree to the Wes team and that should work fine.


Hi bharat, the procedure you mentioned above was for transcripts which I followed and wes has accepted by DU transcripts. I am now asking about the degree can i send a copy of my degree and put it in an envelope and send to wes directly from any post office or does it have to be in a sealed envelope from university and sent from university post office . Above posts are confusing and incomplete

Hi @Anil.Gupta can you also advise on the above please. It’s urgent

Hi Chandani,

I sent out the transcripts and degree in separate envelopes.

Both were sent from the DU post office but the major difference was that transcripts were marked as sent by registrar of DU and the degree was marked as sent by Bharat.

Conclusion - send the degree xerox from any post office. I contacted the customer care and they confirmed the same.

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