Chance of invite ANZSCO 262112 Security Specialist in 2019 Archive

Hi Anil,

Could you please help me know the current processing time for ANZSCO code 262112 for ICT Security Specialist.
Points 70.

You can expect invite for 262112 ICT Security Specialist with 70 points within 2-3 months of filing Australia EOI.

Hi Anil,

I have submitted EOI as of March 2019 with 70 points (NSW) for ICT Security Specialist under 190.
How long does it take for a pre-invite? Also, what would be the processing time trend you have noticed for the above skill code.

Thanks in advance!

There is no fixed timeline for 190 invite at this time. States generally invite based on the demand and do not share any data.

You can expect a 189 invite with 70 points within 3-4 months of filing Australia EOI.

Australia PR processing time data is shown here:

Hi Anil,

Adding to the same question asked, can we expect invite in 2-3 months for “262112 - ICT Security Specialist” with 70 points, even after new immigration planning, wherein they will be reducing the 189 numbers ?

No, the chances of invite will reduce drastically with new reduced 189 quota starting July 2019, if it is implemented.

I suggest to try and increase points to 75 for a realistic chance of invite in 189.

Thanks Anil,

Is this implementation is confirmed or may change after election ? Any chance for revert it back to original numbers ?

The new 189 quota implementation is not confirmed yet.

It may change after election if a new party comes to power.

Hi Anil - I have 70 points with regional sponsor…If I submit EOI in next 20 days… how much time it will take to get invite for 70 points… Do you see a chance to get invite with 65 points for this skill set if I apply now… I will be hitting 40 yrs in 45 days…


The chances of invite are very low with 65 points for 262112.

Thanks for your response Anil… Will I stand a chance for a state sponsor with 70 points?

Will I stand a chance for getting invite for 262112 skillset
with 70 points with state sponsor. your views pls.

If the chances are low for 189, the 190 chances are low too as 190 invite criteria is stricter than 189.

Ok Anil… I thought there may be a possibility as the skill set have limited people when compared to other skill set.

The 190 invites are sent based on the demand in the state. But, there is no data to support or estimate about when the invite will be sent.

Hi Anil - One more query. I’m turning 40 in 33 days…With my English score 10 points, My total score is 65 points. If I file now with 65 points before me turning 40 & If I get higher marks later after me turning 40 yrs, will I be able to amend my English score to get benefit of 10 more marks?..Or If I get 20 points in english then it will take my score to 75… DO I need to file the request again before me turning 40 yrs considering that I have already filed…

Sorry if my query is confusing…



You can update your EOI later when you have got better English Language score.

Thanks Anil for your immediate response…Does it means there is no clause which mandates to have that filed before any one turning 40 yrs to get that benefit of higher points.

Also reg the relative sponsor , I have my cousin sister there who is a PR & Will it be considered if she sponsors me ( She is my mom’s sister daughter). Also Is there a restriction which limits me working in different territory.
Once again thanks for your patience & immediate response.

With Thanks ,

Not sure who told you that Age is locked when you file EOI. It is NOT.

Age is calculated on the date of draw and then the new points are automatically calculated. The EOI is updated every day to reflect your updated points every day.

So, if your age crosses the next slab of points, the EOI will automatically reduce your points on your birthday. Your age points are not locked if you file before turning 40.

There are no points for family sponsor in 189 and 190 PR visa.

It means to stand a chance I need to score full marks in English to get the benefit of that since my points will automatically be reduced when I turn 40 yrs irrespective of what ever my point is & when ever I applied… I was referring for 489 VISA for relative sponsor…

Thanks ,