Chance of invite for 261111 Business Analyst & Partner points

Hi Anil,

It would be great if you can help me with the below mentioned 2 questions -
Q.1 I submitted my EOI on 3rd Apr(261111 Business Analyst) with 70 points for 189 Visa and 75 points for 190 Visa (Victoria). Do you see any possibility of getting an invite in the next 6 months(through 189 or 190) or should I go for Partner skills 5 points?

Q.2 My spouse skills assessment falls under CPA assessment for Accountant(general). CPA conducts two separate assessments Suitable skills assessment which is based on Education and ‘Skilled employment’ assessment based on work experience.
Do you think my spouse should go for both the assessments or only Skills assessment for claiming 5 points (The immigration website states - “had a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated skilled occupation”)

Thanks in advance for your help

The chance of invite for 261111 Business Analyst with 70 and 75 points are low

I strongly suggest to increase your points.

You spouse should go for both education and work experience assessment if you want to claim her points.

Also, both your and your spouse’s job ANZSCO code should fall in same occupation list to be eligible.
Your spouse will also need to take English language exam.

You can use this calculator to check spouse point eligibility.

Thank you so much Anil. Appreciate your quick response

Just to add on above…Can I update my existing EOI with state change as NSW instead of Victoria after adding spouse points next month (Is state change possible in EOI and will the decision make sense - 75 points 190 Visa NSW Business Analyst)?

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Hi Anil,

I am bit confused related to partner skills-

  • My code 261111 Business Analyst and my spouse’s code 221111 Accountant (general) fall in MLTSSL list.
  • Both the codes also fall in NSW 190 list
  • But 221111 is not present in Victoria occupation list.

Will this create problem if I go for partner points and then get 190 invite through Victoria?
So should I change my state nomination to NSW or keep it as Victoria only?

(Considering the skill issue and total points as 75)

You can change the state as you wish in your EOI.

State may not approve or may not invite if the spouse job code does not exist in their occupation list.

Its your choice now as to which state to choose and which one not.

Thank you so much Anil…That was very helpful

Hello Anil,
Thanks for all the info so far. I just want to clarify - I submitted my EOI with 75 points for the ICT Business Analyst job for the 190 visa category, which I assumed was fine. However, the information I found on one of the topics here shows that the role needs 85 points

Please help shed some light on this, as I don’t see any other way to gain points.
By the way, I submitted on the 3rd of June. How long is the expected time to get a response.

Hi @TinaE
The 85 points are required as per last draw for business analyst.

The points requirement will come down starting July 2019.

Thank you so much for your quick response in clearing that up.

What are my chances for getting an invite before end of this year. Submitted my EOI on the 15th of May for 189 with 75 points & 190 NSW with 80 points for Business Analyst 261111. Have we seen any movement recently for people with these points for this code.
Age 25
English 20
Education 15
Experience 15.
I am turning 40 first quater the following year and points will drop

You have good chance of invite starting July 2019 for BA 261111 with 75 points/189.

Thank you Anil. Fingers crossed.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta, in your opinion / estimation, when can I expect an invite for ICT Business Analyst with 75 points (EOI lodged on: 19th Jan 2019) for 189 (Skilled Independent), considering the recent decline in the number of invitations per round to just 100 ea.


Hi @tHassan

Please read my earlier answer if your case is same as the other one. It will save both your and my time.

Hi Anil,
My partner have 75 points and 80 points with state nomination in SkillSelect. How quickly can we expect an invitation.Our EOI was updated on March 3rd 2019.

Code 261111- ICT business analyst

You can expect invite for Code 261111- ICT business analyst with 75 points after a wait of about 4-5 months.

My estimate is that you will get invite in either July or August 2019.

Hi Anil, thank you for the good work you have been doing. I used your tips for my entire PR application so far. Do you know if ICT Business analysts are getting invites with 70 points (superior english) for 189 and 75 for 190 NSW / Vic or can I assume I am out of the race?

No, Business analyst is not getting invite with 70 points at this time.

Thank you. How about 75 for NSW/Vic/Qls 190

You might receive invite from state if they have demand for your job code. I do not have any time estimate for state invite.