Chance of invite for 261111 Business Analyst & Partner points

My details are as below:

EOI DOE : 21st Mar 2019
ICT Business Analyst
Points score : 75 (without SS), EOI showing as 80 as it considers SS
Nomination sought from : NSW, VIC
PTE : S-90, R-90, W-90, L-90

I did submit EOI against 189 also, but don’t think I stand any chance of getting invite for 189 before April 2020, and don’t want to wait for that long.

Any estimate for 190 invite from NSW/VIC? Do I still have to wait for more than 6 months to get an invite?


Chance of invite in 190 is similar as in 189.
We do not have any data for 190 invites to tell the approximate time to get invite.

Hi ,

I having 70 points (without state sponsor).Any chance of invite in ICT Business Analyst Role?


Chances of invite are very low at this time for 261111 business analyst as per new data from April 2019 draw.

You should increase your points to at-least 75 or 80 to have any realistic chance of invite.

Thank you for your response.

I have already scored 20 in PTE , have 13 years exp . So 70 points(without state nomination) is an optimal point for me already .

Can you suggest what are the other ways i can increase points ?

Thanks again,

You can try NAATI certification if if you have exhausted all your other options to increase Australia PR points.


I applied for EOI on July 12th with 75 points for ICT Busines Analyst 261111 for 189. Is there a chance of invite?


Hi @Amit19

You can expect an invite with 75 points for business analyst in Dec 2019 draw.

Thanks for the update. I have also submitted EOI for VIC (261111 Business Analyst) with 80 points for 189 Visa. Is there any change to get invite before December 2019?

Hi @Amit
I don’t have any data for state invites as they do not share it publicly.

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Hi Anil,
What are the chance of invite for ICT business analyst with 80 points? Can I expect the invitation by October?

Date of effect 19th July 2019.

@Zeon sailing in the same boat, I believe it is totally possible.
Good Luck :+1:

Best of luck buddy. Hopefully it will stay at 80 points and won’t go up.

What is your date of effect?

Hi @Zeon

You have good chance of invite in August 2019 draw with 80 points for business analyst.

I also have 80 points - 189 for System analyst - 261112, with date of effect as 1st July 2019. August draw should bring some good news. Its very difficult to decipher the cut-off dates and estimate anything from it.

Hello Anil,

Is the estimation same for system analyst as well? I mean I have 80 points for 189 for 261112 with date of effect as 1st July 2019. Can I also expect an invite possibly in August draw?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @anonymous15

The points requirement remains same for all category codes (first 4 letters of ANZSCO code).

Hi Anil, I have filled my EOI for ICT Business Analyst with 75 points on 189 2 days back. By when can I expect an invitation?
Secondly, as point system is changing from 16 Nov’19, so if I claim 5 points for my spouse then for English ( can’t claim for skills as my spouse skill set is not same as mine), then what are the chances of me receiving an invitation post Nov’19?

Hi @Ran

You may get an invite for Business Analyst with 75 points by Nov 2019.

I have given my analysis of November 2019 changes for Spouse points here:

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
I have 75 points under 189 ICT BA. How quickly can I expect an invitation?

My EOI was submitted on March 2019, and 5 more points added June 2019 (In this case, is my Date of Effect March or July?)

Thank you!