Chance of invite for 261312 with 80 points

Hi, I have 80 points for 189 and my occupation code is 261312 date of effect is June 12th .could someone please let me know when can I expect invite ? Appreciate your help on this .

You have good chance of invitation in July 2019 draw for 261312 with 80 points.

EOI fill up ANZSCO 261312 in 75 point
What is the chance Anil ji for pr in this situation may I get or not

Hi @helpinsydnwy

Depends on when you file EOI.

Before a week fill EOI for nsw

Hi @helpinsydnwy

States do not follow any time frame to send invite. They can send anytime.

Dear Anil
My question can I get in 75 points PR or not in this situation

Hi @helpinsydnwy

You have good chance of invite with 75 points.


I currently have 75 points for 189 visa. I have my skills assessed positive for 261312 Developer Programmer but I have been working as an IT Support Analyst for 6 months and I do no have any other IT experience.

I had lodged my EOI on 3rd of March 2019 but I updated to 75 on 11 July 2019. My date of effect has changed to 11th of July.

I have 80 points for 190, however, new rules says we have to live and work in Australia for 1 year to be nominiated by NSW state. The only problem I see here is that I am working as IT Support Analyst but have Developer Programmer as my Skilled Occupation.

My question:

  1. Should I start looking for regional options (489 or 491)? But many regional area do not require Developer Programmer.

  2. Should I get my skills assessed as ICT Support Engineer 263212 and wait till I complete 1 year to get experience point? The problem here is - My visa is expiring on 8th of Feb. I will complete 1 year on 29th Jan 2020.

  3. Is there any other IT Occupation which may increase my PR chances ? I do not mind going to regional as long as it gives me PR, but I also need to have relevant work experience which is in SOL as well. Any idea which would be best occupation for regional which is in SOL?

  4. Should I create a separate EOI if I want to apply as ICT Support Engineer or other higher PR chances occupation so that my current EOI date of Effect remains unchanged for the occupation Developer Programmer? Is it a good idea not to change DOE?

  5. I will not have Dev prg work experience as I do not intend to work as that, so I guess any invitation that requires work experience will not be for me. So, should I get my skills assessed for another occupation which I intend to work? For eg, ICT Support Engineer, 261314 - Software Tester, 261112 - Systems Analysts

And also today I was submit state nomination for South Australia 261312 they provide me extra 10 points now I got total 85 points but I was not work there I was not study there what is my possibilities for South Australia also I hope I will get all my answer in one shot

Sydney, Australia, NSW

Hi @sijmapradhan

You should get the new assessment for your current occupation and i suggest to create a new EOI.
It is not a good idea to change the date of effect on current EOI if you are planning to change the ANZSCO code itself.

Applying for other regional visa is your choice and the invites vary greatly with state’s demand. State’s do not share any data and hence it is not possible to share any estimate.


I have applied eoi on 70 points for 189 for developer programmer in March 19. Now as we have new quota from July and occupation ceiling for developer programmer is higher than last year, what are the chances of getting invitation?

Nikhil Khandare

Hi @nikhil_khandare

Chances are low for an invite for developer programmer with 70 points at this time. I suggest to try and increase points to 75.

hello Anil Sir, JULY RESULT 189 ANNOUNCED , NOW pls tell me i am mechanical engineer but my occupation awarded engineering technologist with 70point in 189 DOE 5march 2019, can any 1or 2%chance for invite in future

Hi Anil,

I have 70 points for 261312 (eng already20). There will be increase in points by 5 after november changes(spouse 5 pts for english) . This will make my points as 75. Do you think this will have any chance if invite in future? Most of the people will gain points after nov change, one way or other and the competition will remain the same. So any thoughts on what are my chances for 189?

Hi @adc

Chance of invite for 261312 with 75 points will reduce after November 2019 as most people will get 5 additional points.

Thanks for the prompt response Anil!

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Hi @Hari_Krishnareddy, did you get an invite for July Invitation round?

Hi @Alfira_Ariani no I haven’t received invite. also, not even in august round. you might be aware what have happen in august round.

Now, i’m worried whether i will get invited before November.

Hi @Anil.Gupta. I have 80 points for 261312 EOI date is June , i was sure that I will get invitation in August round but i haven’t.

Can I expect tin September round?


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