Chance of invite for architect 232111

I wanted to know when I would be probably be getting an invite, I lodged EOI on 21/2/2019.

You have not mentioned your total points.

Sorry about that. I lodged it with 70 points.

You can expect invite within 2-3 months for 242111 Architect position.

Thanks for that. Should i be focusing on taking naati as well?

You can consider NAATI if you do not see any other place to score points.

Do you think Architecture comes under STEM?

I don’t know at this time.

I got my NAATI test cleared. Updated my EOI at 75 points for 232111 189 visa.
What do you reckon the time frame for an invite now?

Hi @Nsync

Congratulations on clearing NAATI.

Did you give it in Australia?

You have good chance of invite in August 2019 draw.

yeah. thanks for that. i took the test in sydney. scored 68.

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Hey Anil,
I hope you are doing well.
July results are out. Whats your read now on my chance for invite?

Hi @Nsync

You may get a 189 invite by November 2019 for 232111 with 75 points.

Hi Anil,

It would be great to know your estimate on my pr invite (189) based on the following

ANZSCO code 232111 : architect
Points : 70
EOI Date of effect : 6th February 2019

Thank you!

Hi @ram_krishnan

I am waiting for July 2019 new quota to give out any new estimates.

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Hi Anil,

Now that the official July '19 results are out, any possible leads on ITA estimate?

Hi @ram_krishnan

The chances of invite with 70 points in 232111 are very low at this time based on July 2019 draw results. I suggest to try and increase points to at-least 75 for a realistic chance of chance.

Thanks Anil. I’ll see how to increase the points. Also really hope the points come down in the next three months!

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My partner and I are just about to lodge an EOI for the 189 and 190 Visa, we have 75 and 80 points respectively. We are both Architects. How long roughly will it take to be invited? Following this how long will it take to obtain PR?