Chance of invite for architect 232111

Chance of invite for Architect ANZSCO code 232111

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I have just had a look on the Western Australia website, and, although Architect (232111) is on the Home Affairs Skilled Occupation List, I don’t believe that it is on the Western Australia Nominated Occupation List - unless I am mistaken? Does this mean that we would not be able to apply for the 491? lists

Hi All
I lodged EOI for the 189 in October and have 85 points (occupation: 232111).

Any idea when we might receive an invite?

January saw 1000 invites for 189 with minimum 90 points - is there any way you can increase your points score? My points include skilled partner points and offshore experience. Unfortunately I don’t have onshore experience. Is the NAATI qualification an option? Anyone know what’s involved and even if it is possible?

Hi @Lolly88

I do not have any time estimate to share but 85 points is a good score.

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Thanks. I’m not sure it’s good enough at the moment with the current scores?

Can I increase in any way?

All options to increase points are given here.

Thanks Anil. The Iscah website says that we won’t receive an invite until after January 2021. Do you know how accurate this is?

Hi @Lolly88

I cannot comment on someone’s analysis. It is upto you to believe or not.

Usually, Iscah’s estimates are pretty good.


I’ve got 85 points for 190 NSW (occupation: 232111).
What are the chances?

@Lolly88 did you also applied for 190 NSW?

Hi, yes I have 90 points for 190 NSW. How funny! Unfortunately NSW are generally only accepting people that live and work in NSW at the moment and i live offshore.

How about you? When did you lodge your EOI?

Hi @Lolly88, thanks for the reply.
I’m with 85 living in NSW and I applied two weeks ago.

Why don’t you come to NSW then?

I cannot get a visa to work unfortunately.

If I manage to secure an employer sponsored role and migrate on the 482 (probably to NSW), can I keep my 190(NSW) and 189 in the system and switch over to one of these once granted?

Hi @Anil.Gupta

A quick clarification regarding local work experience. I am planning to claim local work experience points (5) in my skilled field for sc189 and will be satisfying the 52 weeks (1 year) of experience by the end of next month. There are a couple of weeks in between where I have not worked 20 hours and won’t be counting them in. Is it okay to claim the other weeks that have 20 hours if they are broken by a couple of weeks of non-20 hours? Say in April 2019, I worked 20 hours during week 1 and week 3 but not week 2 and week 4. I count it as 2 weeks of 20 hours.
Would be good to get your opinion.