Chance of invite for Chemical Engineer with 70 points, 75 and 80


My occupation code is ANZSCO 233111, and I have applied for visa subclass 189 on February 2019. What’s the estimation time for getting an invite?

My point will be updated to 75 on July, and 80 on August. But my TR will expire on September. Is there an chance for getting an invite on September round? Or earlier?


You have good chance of invitation with 75 points in July or August 2019 draw.

Thanks Anil.

So, the waiting time is 1-2 months for 75 points? Correct me if I’m wrong.

So, the waiting time is 1-2 months if I’m correct?

Hi Anil,

Regarding with the new invitation round 11 April 2019, the cut down is pretty significant. Do you think I still got the chance of getting an invite by September? As my date of effect will be from August 2019 (I turned to 80 points by that)…

The reduced invites happen every year in April to June.

The new quota gets active in July 2019 as new fiscal year starts. You still have good chance of invite in August 2019 with 80 points.

Hi Anil,

Effect of 189 Invite Reduction on Other Engineering Professional, will I still get invited in August/ September round with 80 points?

Also, I am still confused if my occupation is under pro-rata or non-pro rata occupation, and by the 180 42% reduced quota on April, am I still having a chance of getting an invite by August/September with 80 points? Thanks!

My answer 4 days ago was based on reduced quota starting July with 80 points.

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Hi Anil,

Based on this new election results of that the elected government will cap permanent migration at 160,000 for the next four years, do you have an invite estimation on Chemical Engineer (233111), 80 points with EOI date of effect on August 6th 2019?

Thanks, highly appreciated your answer here

Hi @Alfira_Ariani
You are asking about future with future EOI date.

Have patience and ask when you have actually filed the EOI.

I will be in a better position to estimate once the new July 2019 quota is implemented.

Hi Anil,

I have just filed my EOI with today’s date of effect as 80 points. When is the estimation of my invite? Is it this month round or next month?


Hi @Alfira_Ariani

You have good chance of invite in Sep 2019 draw with 80 points for 233111 Chemical engineer.

Have you received any update?

Hi Anil,
I am wondering if with 70 points still a chance to get an invitation. (I am chemical engineer )

thank you!

Hi @johanna_aguirre

Chances are low with 70 points.

Hi Anil. Thank you for the very useful information you share here. Highly appreciated.

Do you think there is an invite chance for me as well - scores are 75/80 for 189/190. DOE was sept 6, 2019 for 233111 chemical engineer.

Also, scores will update on December 18 2019 as 80/85. I am anxious about the november changes and its impact.

Hi alfira, were you invited this september round at 80 points?

Hi @jennifer10

I don’t have an estimate for chemical engineer at this time. The trend will be known once Sep results are out.

Hi Anil, how is the trend now… Seems like zero chance for lower than 85… :frowning: