Chance of invite for Chemical Engineer with 75 points

My EOI date is November 2017 and I recently upgraded my points to 75 from 65 as of March 10th 2019.

I have applied for 189 under Chemical Engineer category. How long do you think the waiting time for invite would be.

Thanks in advance.

You can expect invite within 2-3 months now for Chemical engineer with 75 points.

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Hi Anil,
Thanks for the feedback. Do you think the chances to get an invite in the invite year 2018-2019 is possible or will it stretch to 2019-2020 slots.


I think i answered 2-3 months.

Hi, I am the same as you. Do you get an invite this month?

I am waiting for the April 11th invotation round. The march round happened on 10th March. So waiting:crossed_fingers:t4:

I got invite for 190 NSW just 2 days back.

Congratulations @SanRemo for the invite.

Hi Anil. I have 75 points and am a chemical engineer. Is 75 points still able to get an invite on the 189 route. I have searched the 190 state route but it appears to be very limited to experience in Australia or study in Australia.

Hi @David

You will have good chance of invite after Nov changes.

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Hi. I feel this new process is developed to prevent non Australian work experience or study candidates from getting in… Why