Chance of Invite for Software Testers 261314 in 2020

Greetings Anil,

I am, Sunder, a software tester by profession with 7years and 9 months of relevant experience in the same occupation as of 22-jan-2020.

I have got my skills assessment report and scored 80 points overall under subclass 190.

Breakdown of my points as below:
Age: 30
Education: 15
Employment: 10 (Considering experience till date)
Sponsorship: 5
PTE : 10
Marital points: 10 (Single)

I am planning to apply for Australia PR, before which i wanted to know what are my chances of getting PR with 80 points for Skill code 261314?

Also, on 1st April 2020 i will have 8 years of experience, so will that add 5 points to my experience and shoot up my overall points to 85?

Please advise.

Sunder Rajan

Hello Sunder,
Compared to other ICT job codes, 261314 has less chance or more rejection rate. We also submitted EOI to VIC (when no job offer was needed) with 80+5 points in October and heard few are waiting almost 2 years also. But you can try your luck; State invitation can’t be predicted :slight_smile:.

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Thanks Ratheesh,

A few follow up Questions.

  1. Can i apply as 261313 software engineer (considering i did Automation coding as part of testing).

  2. Will i get 15 points for Employment Outside Australia for securing 8 years experience in April 2020.

  3. If i reattempt PTE and score 79+ in all modules, then my score will be 90. Can i expect being invited with that score?

  4. What is the minimum points to secure to get invited for ICT code 261314?

Sunder Rajan

See, In next Round of Draw , we can easily predict the outcomes… So keep patience until next draw. 90 or 85 are the good scores.

Hi @SunderRajan

85 will be a good score but might take about 4-5 months to get an invite based on current trend.


Hello Sunder,

Answers for your queries

  1. Yes; you can apply for 261313 new skill assessment by showing more details about Automation details. Please note that there are more docs needed now compared to earlier.
  2. If ACS evaluated experience crosses 8+ years in April 2020, you would definitely get the extra 5 points.
  3. 90 is really good score; but as Anil said, we can’t predict State nominations.
  4. No clue

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

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Hi Rajaram,
When is the next Round of Draw? Just curious since i need to be well prepared with all the prerequisites after this draw.
Well Prepared: with my ACS done and officially i will have 80 points.

Sunder Rajan

Hi Anil,
Thanks for the response. I will get 85 in the month of April’2020 when i complete my 8 years of work experience.
Just a clarification for myself, you considered 85 as good score for 261314, right?

Sunder Rajan

Hello Ratheesh,

Thanks much for your responses.

-Sunder Rajan

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Hai ! Usually Every month of 11th will be the Official draw and then later on it will be published on the Official website DHA.

I believe that’s for 189. Unfortunately 261314 can’t be applied for SC189.


Is there any update on the latest draw for SC190 and what is the Minimum score points for 261314.

Sunder Rajan

Since no option for SC189 with 261314, we can’t get any info regarding cut off points for this code.

I think 90 or 95+ points might help you to receive invite. I’ve submitted with 85 points in October and no update yet.

Hi Sunder,

So you will have 8 years of Exp by April 2020.
So my question to Anil is that : Do we need to do ACS again when the experience is increased just like in case of Sunder ?



Why can’t 261314 can’t be applied under SC189 ?


HI Ratheesh,

Did you get any update on your application?

What is the current minimum pickup point for SC190?

I do not see any update in the Australian Immigration site against SC190. All updates are for SC189 and 491 visas only.

Anybody have a clue for this?

Sunder Rajan

Hi @urakeshjain

Please read this

Hello Sunder,

No update yet for our EOI. The point is 85+5 now. Not sure when the luck would hit :slight_smile:.

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Hello Rakesh,

This occupation 261314 is not available under skilled occupation list for SC189. (Immigration and citizenship Website).

Hi @ratheeshpd,

261314 is under legislation list: .

Please share the exact link to check all the codes.

Thank you.