Create NRI Power of Attorney for Education Loan, Real Estate

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Power of Attorney lists out the powers that you want to share with the POA holder. It is primarily used by NRI (Non-resident Indians) to manage their property in India. If you have bought or thought about buying an apartment in India and can’t visit personally to take possession, use PoA. Register Power of Attorney…

Thanks for the helpful article. I have a query. I bought a flat in Pune and Sale deed was registered. Now the seller is out of India and ready to send power of attorney for Apartment Deed. Do I need to send Apartment Deed to him for his sign and get it attested along with PoA?

Hi @chash

The whole purpose of registered power of attorney is to help the owner sign on the sale deed using the person mentioned in POA.

Basically, the POA holder can sign on owner’s behalf. You would need the POA copy to safeguard your interest.
Make sure that the POA is a registered POA and not just an attested POA.

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My dear AG.
My request is advise on the following:
My son & his spouse stays in USA likes to sell a property belongs to them in Bangalore for which they cannot come to Bangalore for the said purpose. Wish to sell the property on GPA. Can they get done a GPA in India by staying there in USA.

Yes, they can create power of attorney.

Thank you for useful article on POA.My father want to sold his house in India . Can you provide particular format this. (Legal contents to write). My father have saving and postal accounts in India and also FD accounts for the same. They are not activate. Please tell me that he will mention the name of bank/ post office and account the POA or simply write that POA can activate account or withdraw and deposit money from bank and postal account. Is it necessary to register the POA for bank and postal account or simply attested will work.Please guide me. Thanks