Current PERM Processing Time 2024 (Check Case Status)

Is that true people are getting approval of Jan 2023? As per DOL site they are still working on September 2023 cases? Than how it is possible Jan 2023 approval? Please don’t place falls approval


Hi , that is an average time of perm approval.

Hi, yes. Exactly. Mine is jan 2023, too and it says i should have been received the perm approval by now but nothing has come out yet.

DOL site is not updated yet

I have addressed this before, and admin has confirmed this as well. Basically some users report their PWD decisions as PERM approvals. PWD takes 6-8 months while PERM takes 311 days as of 7/31. Right now DOL is sending out PWD descisions that were submitted in Jan - Feb 2023. That’s why you are seeing Jan 2023 “PERM Approvals” in the tracker.

Is it validated information that January PERM is approved?

Thank you for your explanations. Does it mean that as an EB-3 visa program, I have to wait for 311 days for my perm approval, which is filed in January? Does this mean, for example, until November, right?"

Still waiting… October 20th 2022… should I begin to worry?


Any updates ? I’m still waiting ( 20th October )

If we assume the processing time does not change (increase or decrease) dramatically, then yes, we can expect hearing about results for PERM submitted in Jan 2023 in Nov 2023.

Yes, exactly.

Thank you for your guidance.

ainda nao estao proximo, qual agencia?

Good to hear and I have added the format case number.

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My pwd took only 4 month when DOL said 7. So yes its possible.

I file my PERM on Oct 13th, 2022, and still no answer. Has anyone from October 2022 receive an approval?

did you receive an update?

was your PERM approved?

Did anyone get November 2022 PERM Approval?

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Yes. Mine was 10th Nov, approved today.

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Got my perm approval today. PD- 10 Nov, 2022. ALL THE BEST EVERYONE :tada: