Did not get 2 courier labels

I am having issue with not having 2 courier labels at the end of process. I just got one for sending the package.

Anyone has faced similar issue?

If you select VFS FedEx Courier option and paid the $30 fee for round trip courier you will get only one label. VFS will generate the return label when they send the passport back to you.

Are you sure about it? One of my friend is going through the same process and he got return label as well.

I also got only one shipping label. I am shipping my documents with the label which they gave me and will wait for them to contact me if they need an additional return label from me.

Any validity for the downloaded FedEx shipping label?

You have to ship the package within 15 days.

Yes, if you have selected VFS return shipping, you don’t need to send them a return envelop or label. They will take care of it. If you have selected your own shipping, that’s a different story.

Contacted VFS and was informed that we don’t have to send the return label. Looks like they take care of it now.

HI, not able to retrieve FedEx coupon , not even… every time I try it says try again. what is the way out?

Thank you for contacting the VFS Indian Visa, Passport & OCI Application Center Help Desk in the United States.

We understand your query regarding shipping labels.

We would like to inform you that you do not need to send the return shipping label it would be generated by the VFS Centre while shipping the package back to you.

I generated the courier label today. It has ship date mentioned as “31st march 2021” and another date as “01 April 2021”. Does this mean I have only 1 day to ship my documents or validity is still 15 days to ship document as mentioned in above chat. Please help me out.

Pankaj S

No, 01st Apr is the default next day of the ‘ship date’ mentioned on the label (31st Mar) - its a ‘standard overnight’ label…

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Lot of threads on this topic. They clearly mentioned about return label on VFS website. It is right there when you click on Download courier labels.

Note: Outgoing courier labels will be generated by VFS Indian Consular Application Centre (S) & you will be getting tracking email notifications from FedEx.com

Is this true? I thought it was 90 days


I am facing an issue with generating the courier label itself. I completed the payment and my credit card was charged like 2 days back but now I am neither able to find my application nor download the label. It throws an error as below. Could anyone please let me know how you were able to resolve the issue.

Hi, I have the same issue, after successful payment unable to generate the courier labels.

Same here as well @Ramchandra_C. I have still not been able to download them since sept 7th.

@N_vk, please find the link to check the updates for similar topic.