Discussion on Approvals for Perm filed in Feb 2022

A thread for the PERM filed in Feb. Anyone whose perm filed in Feb and got approval please update here so other will know.

Still waiting. Filed on Feb 26th


not sure why no one is posting PERM approvals for last few days.

Filed Feb 8th still waiting.

the approvals wait time is getting worse day by day. mine got filed 25th Feb and obviously waiting.

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My perm was filled on 31st March i am still waiting for the approval,
anyone can give some idea what timeline is running at this time.
DOL website says still January fille in process. no update for this month.

Website got updated and it is in Feb now. Some people already posted approvals for Feb.

have you heard any update on your filing?


Is anyone get approval of March Perm ?

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not many postings seen for Feb PERM approvals here. Any one knows what dates are being processed now?

My filed on Feb 28th, still pending.

Feb 28th, pending as of today

My filing was on Feb 25th. Still pending as of today.
is there a way to check the status?

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Mine as well filled on 8th Feb. Still waiting for perm approval

Feb 16 A-22043 still pending…

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worse timelines.
I know a guy from Feb 1st still waiting on PERM approval

wow too many Feb pending approvals. I know a guy whose is Feb 1st and still waiting. But some here are posting approvals for Feb 10/16/17/25. Not sure how they are picking/processing the applications.


i did not see anyone got approved from Feb file

Received PERM approval today

I got confirmation from my attorney that my perm is approved 2 weeks ago (feb 8th 2022 filed)