Does ACS Deduct 2 Years for Software Engineers?

I’m a Software Engineer before apply ACS I have few questions.

Since 2013 July working as a Full Time employee (40 hours) and can provide Government Tax and pay slips.

Degree Computer Science and Software Engineering
Job Started Date 2013/ July
Degree Completion Date 2014 / July
Total Experience Till Today 6.5 Years
  1. Does ACS deduct 2 years from my total experience.?
  2. IF Yes , when they deduct, Do they consider with prior experiences before complete the degree experience.?
  3. How many points that I can claim for experience category.?

Hi @era_fdo_1

Yes, ACS will deduct 2 year from total work experience for everyone.

They might consider the experience prior to education if it is in the same field.

Points claim depend on how many years ACS marks as relevant for your profile.

@Anil.Gupta thank you for prompt reply.

Since 2013 July to 2018 Jan my designation goes,
Company 01
Associate Software Engineer --> Software Engineer.

After that I moved to another company,
Since 2018 Jan To till now
Company 02
Frontend UX Engineer

  1. Does ACS deduct more years due to change of my designation. however, Im playing same ROLE and RESPONSIBILITIES past and current.?
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Change of designation does not matter as long as the roles and responsibilities match the ANZSCO code.

Still my designation goes like above title,

  1. Can I apply “261212 - Web Developer” instead of “261313 - Software Engineer”?
  2. My wife’s sister lives in Melbourne and they have citizenship, hence, can they sponsor for me under “491” or “190” for Melbourne.(I will be the primary applicant).?

You have to choose the ANZSCO code that you think fits your job roles and responsibilities.

If ACS assessment is positive for your selected job code, you will be able to claim points for it.

I am not sure if you will qualify for sponsorship under 491. I will have to check.
190 does not have any relative sponsorship points. It is only state sponsored PR.

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@Anil.Gupta Im done with my letters and I have a few question …

  1. Do I need to certify all the documents from a lawyer? If yes can you mention

1- Birth Certificate or Passport.- ?
2- Education Degree or Award Certificate.-?
3- Mark Sheets or Mark sheet Transcript.-?
4- Work experience letters.-?
5- Bank Statements.-?

  1. Since I’m a Software Engineer, Can I apply with Advance Diploma which is HND.?

Advance Diploma (Edexcel - HND) - 2011 Oct Completed
Started JOB - 2013 July Started
Degree - 2014 July Completed

Notary is not required for ACS as per their new rules published in Sep 2019.

  1. Can I apply with Advance Diploma which is HND.?

I don’t understand short forms. Sorry.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

You can apply with any education that you have completed. ACS will decide if its relevant or not.

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