Does VIC reject lot of pre-invite nominations without any reason?

Hello @Anil.Gupta

Thanks for your reply. Yesterday I received my VIC pre invite for 190 and I have lodged my nomination application as well. I got to know from many sources that VIC is very choosy and rejects a lot of pre-invite nominations without any reason. Is it so? If you have any infor, please share.


Congratulations for getting VIC invite.

Yes, it is true that VIC is very choosy and does reject applications even after pre-invite. I would suggest to not party until you have finally received the 190 invite in your skillselect EOI.

Just submit the documents requested by VIC and then wait. In the meantime, keep your other options open too.

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The Vic rejects the pre invite as I am one of the sufferers. They rejected my pre invite after 2 months. I am clueless what can be the reason as they sent very generic template mail that doesn’t indicate the proper reason.

The reason may be

  1. I am offshore
  2. I don’t have job offer in Vic
  3. My job code though in high demand
  4. Just like that
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Hey @Sunidhi_Chawla That’s really sad to hear. I’m also quite stressed, don’t know what VIC is upto!!
May i know your job code? And points? Are you looking for other options, like 189 or 491? Are you offshore or onshore?
Sorry for asking so many questions but a bit curious and I believe everyone is in the same boat so it’s good to gather info from each other.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Anil.Gupta
I have lodged my VIC nomination application and submitted all the required documents as well.
Not really hopeful from 189 either even being at 85 points now. Just hoping the next round for 189 to be a big one so that 85 pointers are given chance in the coming rounds.

Hi, when did u apply for 190 visa with how many points please?

Hello @Kumar123

I applied for 190 with 85+5 ss points with D.O.E as 05/01/2020. My job code is 254415-Registered Nurse and I’m currently offshore.
What about you?

Thanks for your response , I applied with 80 points under 261311 code from offshore in October 2019 for 190. I am worrying that am I eligible in this situation with these points?

Hello @Kumar123

Do you have 75+5 or is it 80+5 ss points?
You are eligible for 190. It’s just that the invitation might take a lot of time to come since in the current trend only 90 or 95 pointers are being invited. But then it also depend on your job code and the demand of that profession in the state. VIC is very unpredictable and might invite someone having low points rather than one with higher points, so for state invites, it’s really unpredictable. You will have to keep on waiting for VIC and have a back up plan like increasing points for 189 or applying to other states where eligible.

I am having 75+5 please for 190 visa under 261311 code.

Hey @Anil.Gupta

Happy to inform you that finally I received my Final invite from VIC today after 6 weeks of getting the pre-invite. :slight_smile:
Quite happy with this as I was worried as hell seeing VIC rejects a lot of pre-invite applications.

Thank you for your support and answers. :slight_smile:


Congratulations Pooja Negi! Good to know that you got invite with 85+5 points submitted on Jan’20.

We’ve submitted for 261314 with 80+5 points and waiting since Oct’19. Only hope is we’re getting 5 more points next month with increase in experience!


I guess, your chances of getting an invite after next month will definitely be high as the current trend for VIC is that only 90 pointers are getting an invite. However, it might also depend on your job code. One of my friend with a pro rata job code (Business Analyst) having 85+5 points with D.O.E as Dec 2019 has still not received an invite. Not really sure how VIC chooses EOIs from the pool.

Thank you Pooja for your update!