Dropbox eligibility for H4 who is 14 years old

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My son turned 14 and his previous H4 visa was issued before 14th Birthday. Based on recent dropbox guideline, it says if you have issued with any previous US visa, then that person will be eligible for dropbox. We are planning to visit India during feb 2024 and planning to take dropbox appointment for me and family. I have couple of questions and any insight into these topic is highly appreciated.

  1. During visa stamping process, I know US Consulate don’t take fingerprint of person below 14 years and that is why in earlier dropbox eligibility criteria, there was a question if your previous visa issued before 14th Birthday. Wanted to check if this question still exist in recent dropbox eligibility criteria ?

  2. If the answer to above question is yes, then my son has to attend Face 2 Face Interview at US consulate with Biometric appointment. But some where I read that H4 child will be issued with visa only when you carry valid visa of both parents. If I and my wife use dropbox and my son avail F2F interview, in such cases how my son will carry our visa when stamping process is happening in parallel ? Moreover we can’t wait our dropbox process to be completed and then my son carrying our passport to consulate with stamped visa and this might consume lot of time.

  3. Can the entire family take F2F interview slots just avoid above issue (point-2) ? Given the current scenario, I am not sure if there will be enough F2F interview slot open

Kindly clarify my questions! Appreciate your help

If your son attends the visa interview separately, then, they will issue form 221g for him and will ask him to submit your H1B visa stamp copies as and when they become available.

You should be able to take F2F interview appointment for whole family if you include any one person who is not eligible for dropbox.

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I am also in the same boat. Do you need both parents’ stamps, or is the primary applicant’s visa sufficient? Additionally, is it possible to secure in-person visa slots for h4? Any idea how far in advance one can secure a slot?