EAD approval time after expedite request approved by USCIS

Hi Anil,

My H4 EAD is expiring on Jan 20, 2020.
We applied the renewal on Sep 3, 2019, but no progress.
So I expedited through USCIS Contact Center on Dec 30, 2019 and sent my documents. And also reached Congressman for help. He helped me in expediting and finally USCIS approved my expedition yesterday on Jan 8, 2020.

My question is after approving expedition how long USCIS takes to approve my EAD based on current trend, very nervous at this point of time as expiry date is very closer.

FYI: I attached financial docs as well as medical related documents for expedition.

Usually, you can expect the EAD approval within 10 days after expedite request approval. But, it can take more time too.

Thank you Anil.

After the request is expedited are there any means to push the case towards the decision? My congressman’s office is still following up but no decision yet.


Expedite request is what is pushing your case to front of queue. What else do you want to do?

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Case is expedited on Jan 8, my EAD is expired on Jan 10, I am not able to work without EAD card right? So I am just checking if there is my option to push it?

I don’t know of any other option to push other than expedite request.

Hi Anil,
My EAD approved today.


Which Service center did it go? Ours got approved on Jan 8th but still no update. Texas Service center.

Mine is California, I spoke to Tier 2 officer on Jan 10, asked customer service technician to forward the call to Tier 2 luckily he did.
And also my Congressman followed up with USCIS on the case again on Jan 10 for the decision on EAD.
One of the above approaches worked.


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H4 EAD Expedite request approved. How many days will it take to get the EAD approval?

Do we need to expedite H4 case as well?

Please read discussion above.

H4 case cannot be expedited.

Did you got the EAD Approval? Mine is Texas Center. My expedite request approved on 3/13.

Did you get your EAD approved? How long it take after expedite approval. I am also in same boat got mail Expedite Approved but no response till now.

Can you please share the reason you provided for expedite request and the supporting docs? I provided job offer but my request was denied.

Mine is not approved yet… My expedite request got approved a month ago and still waiting for the approval

When was your expedited request got approved? which center?

Mine was approved on mar 30. Texas service center.

@preethu09 @H42020 I’m in the same boat. My expedite request was approved on 3/30 by Texas Service Center and No movement in the case after that. Pls let us know when your case gets approved or anything that we can do further to get approvals soon. Good Luck!

Any luck? Have you received your approval?

Not yet… what about yours?