EB3 Date of filing(India) predictions from 2021 to 2024

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Based on the latest predictions for Oct 2021, looks like EB3 PD for the “Date of filing chart” moves to Jan 2015, where you can file for green card EAD

My priority date is in Aug 2015. Do you think by 2024, if I can downgrade to EB3, the PD moves past the Aug 2015 date for “Date of filing” chart?

In other words, EB3 “Date of filing” movement predictions from oct 2021 to 2024? I assume this is applicable to get green card EAD?

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suggestions from here are don’t downgrade and wait in EB2 queue. But, won’t the EB3 date of filing chart keep moving forward at least some months (Jan to Aug let’s say) in next 3 years?

Its not guaranteed to move that far. It may or may not.

Okay then the predictions here are way off from 2016 to 2018
Class Action Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of H4 & L2 Holders - YouTube (11:00)

Hi, i would like to understand what you mean by saying “the predictions here are way off from 2016 to 2018” are you referring to the predictions in the video?

Everyone has the right to have their opinion. They can make their own estimates based on their understanding.

The app does many calculations based on the publicly available data and then projects the possibility of dates getting current soon.

Since the data changes every month, it may project a different date soon for your PD date.

But, going as far as 2015/2016 for final action is a bit ambitious as per current data.

Its your choice to follow the estimates given by app or the other people or both :slight_smile:


Thanks for patiently answering our questions:) @anil_am22

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How about Date of filing for June 2016 PD in EB3? Can we expect that in October 2021 Visa bulletin to file I-485 EAD? Appreciate your response. Thank you.

since your PD is August 2015, do you expect this PD in date of filing on October 2021 visa bulletin? please let me know your suggestions on this. Thanks,

I don’t know. Let’s wait and see

Just to clarify, am asking about Date of Filing prediction in October 2021 visa bulletin not Final Action dates. I expect mid of 2016 will be in DOF in 10/2021 VB for EB3.

yes, that exactly was my question. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer at this point.

As per Rahul Reddy, who is an attorney in Reddy and Newman law firm, dates should move forward by 4 years. Here is YouTube video link -

Fingers Crossed!

My prediction it will move until 2017 Jan. My predictions are based on below

Year EB2 EB3 Total
2012 23,774 4,104 27,878
2013 21,434 3,455 24,889
2014 25,624 3,879 29,503
2015 32,691 6,453 39,144
2016 49,025 10,177 59,202
2017 42,358 8,868 51,226
Total applied until 2017 Dec 2,31,842

Available GC’s 290,000. Lets call 2 members for family thats makes 4,60,000 until =~ July 2016. The more PD dates current throughtout 2021 until Sept 2021. The more above date moves.

While including certain conditions like duplicate filings, people left US, stuck in home country, stuck with new company and I140 in process. I am guessing it moves until 2017 Jan.

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