EOI invite in 189 - 233914 - engineering technologist

Dear Anil
In 233914 code (engineering technologist), we have improved our score from
65 to 75 and updated on 25th April with 75 points. What are the chances of getting invite and in how Much time? Looking forward to hear back from you.

As per my estimate, you may get an invite around Sep 2019 draw with 75 points for 233914 code as engineering technologist.

Thank you so much for your reply​:pray::pray:

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Hello Anil,

We have 2 more questions:

  1. In April invitations, we noticed that the score for Engg Technologist went up to 80 & no visas for 75 were given. Additionally only total of 110 invitations were issued? Do you know the reason why Only 110 visas & suddenly the DHA became so strict?

  2. We can get the partner assessment done & might look into getting additional 5 points. Do you think we have concrete chances of getting an invitation at 75 or should we try to reach 80 to secure ourselves?

  3. Do you know if job experience plays an important role in assessment for partner Skill assessment from CPA. Does it plays important role in outcome. As per the document list from CPA, job experience is not listed in set of documents.

Many thanks & best regards,

The number of invites do go down every year around April as this is the last quarter of fiscal year.

The 75 points mark is a good one to secure an invite starting July 2019.

I am not sure how CPA would assess your spouse. If you can get positive assessment with whatever documents they are requesting, you can claim spouse points.

my current points
age : 30
Pte : 20
Degree : 15 positive assessment from engineers australia
thats 65 points. i dont think i stand a chance with these points to get an invite for 189
I have 2 questions
I do not have any work related experience to show.
Is work experience a must for 190 visa.

I also heard about the new 2019 nov changes for singles to get an extra 10 points
if thats so i would be eligible for 75 points which i think could help.

my question is with all these changes would the minimum points also increase making it more difficult to get and EOI as well?

thank you

Hi @Saeid_Karimzadeh
The minimum points required for an invite increase for all since 10 points will be given to all singles without any effort!

I strongly recommend to increase your points at this time to have any realistic change of invite.

thank you for the reply.
I understand that. I have read that
10 points for all singles
10 points for STEM qualifications. ( i hope engineering is included. )
seems a little too much bonus.
currently with 65 points and i do not have any other way of increasing my score.
I have read that people with 75-80 points stand the best chance of getting invites for Engineering technologist.
with those to additions I could perhaps find myself with 85 points. but i am very skeptical that it will be enough.

so I am basically asking once those points are applied. what do you think would be the minimum required points from November onward?
I have a friend who manged to get 80 points and got the and EOI in about 2 days after updating his points which he gained after getting 20 from PTE

Hi @Saeid_Karimzadeh

The situation would be same. Just add 15 points as everybody would get those extra points. So, you would need the same 15 extra points to be ahead of others.

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thats what I was thinking .
it would mean once they are implemented you would need 90-95 points and 85 points would not really make the cut off.
thank you

hello anil sir, how r u…

i m confused, i submitted EOi with 70 point (engineering Technologist) in 5 march 2019 in 189. please tell me, any chances with invite this score with in 8 month … and i cant apply in 190 because Victoria want 5 year experience but i have 3.5 year experience…

so please suggest me can i wait in 189 with 70 point for 6 month.

HI @punjabi_tadka_health

I will have better estimations once July draw has happened. Please wait.

Hi Anil,
We currently have lodged invitation with 75 points on March 17 for Engineering Technologist. Any idea when could we expect to get an invite.

Hi @mohammed_ali_Jinnah

You have good chance of invite by Dec 2019 with 75 points.


What are your estimates on getting an invite with 75 points for engineering technologist. Date of effect is 28th Nov 2018.

With the new 42% reduction in cap being introduced for 189 visas from July, will I get an Invite by September or later?


You have good chance of invite by September 2019 for Engineering Technologist with 75 points.

I will be able to estimate better after July 2019 draw.

Hi Anil,

Do I still have chance for the September invite? Now that July round has gone by what is your estimate?

Hi @Zeon

I need to see the results before i can estimate. Please give me some time.

Hello Anil, we are also curious to know:

  • how many visas were given in July by Australian authorities?

  • with 75 score for Engineering Technologist (233914) EOI updated on April 25th 2019 (updated score to 75 from 65 points - initial EOI submitted in January 2019) , when can we expect an invite as per your prediction?

Looking forward to hear back from you when you will be able to share your expert opinion.

I had applied for assessment with EA as an Electronics Engineer. They sent a feedback that I can only apply as an Engineering Technologist with the information I have provided. If I do get assessed won’t I ever get an invite in either 189 or 190 even though I qualify the minimum requirement?
Age 37
English PTE 78
Bachelor degree
8 years of Experience
65 points