Estimate for invitation 189 and 190 in 2019

Hi sir,
Could you please tell whether there are chances to get an Invitation for 189 with 70 points and 190 (75) for Registered nurse , EOI LODGED ON 8/2/19

Number of invites are getting low now as we are approaching end of currrent fiscal year.

The chances are still good for an invite by June 2019 but will improve in July 2019 with new quota.

Jkaur may I know your anzco code I am also a registerd nurse medical 254418 with 70+ 5 submitted on 30 March

My Anzco code 254412

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Hi Anil
My ANZCO was 254499 nec as a general nurse.
but after 1 year of experience in an aged care my ANZCO is 254412 , not getting many invites with 254412 . Can we keep 254499 nec code and show experience in closely related occupation? If this is ok?
Or should I go for another skill assess if that makes sense?

Thank you for answering my first question .

Each ANZSCO code needs its own separate assessment.

May I know which state you have submitted 190? nsw or vic!! bcoz from your post I guess ur working in auz .
I have submitted to both and I am applying from offshore.
One more thing, initially I also got nec and I have changed to medical. I did this bcoz my experience is in medical.
One MARA agent told me that we can not predict which job code is in demand, only the state knows!

Do you know anyone with 254499 nec invited recently by any state?

But they are reducing the quota by 42% so will the new year be worse than now? I am asking for 2613 software engineer.

189 invites will definitely be affected due to new reduced quota.

190 will remain same.

For job code 2613 for 189 visa, do you think 75 would be a safe score in July 2019 ? Or will 75 become the new 70? We have already seen that latest draw in 2613 job code was given only to scores of 80+

I think 75 will still be a good score as only about 10% people who file in 2613 category are able to reach 80 points.

So, my estimate is that 75 will stay competitive but 70 will probably lose its shine for 189 invite.

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How does people get invited in non -Prorata for 189?
Is it based solely on points-stream or by job code? Does each profession get equal invitations? Like nurses 5, electrical engg 5!!

Canada immigration websites has statistics on the number of people in the pool waiting for invitations for each score range. Does Australia maintain and publish similar data? Example, “…For job code 2613…by February 2018 the pool had X number of people with score of 80, Y number of people with score of 75…” If there is no such data, any idea what percentage of people (in job code 2613) are at score 75, score 70, score 65 etc ?

If there is none, I would guess that the reason for this is that Canadian PR invites are solely based on score, while in Australia the invites are based on score PLUS the occupation category (just a guess). So maybe harder to maintain all that data.

This link will tell you how many invites are scheduled for which profession: Occupation ceilings

I have seen this but I didn’t understand in each invitation how they are choosing eoi

How they are planning the cutoffs
For eg if they choose cut off 75 and assume that there is no any nurse with 75 ,so they will not invite any nurse ?

Hi sandri
I have submitted NSW190 , yes I have 1 year exp in aus then I quit working because of some reasons.
254499 nec more chances to get invite
Check for all invitations and visa processing.

If the cutoff is 75 and there is no nurse with 75 then they will start inviting 70 I guess.

Hi Anil
Is there any possibility to sit for NAATI in India ? To get extra 5 points.

I know one nurse 254415 got invitation from vic in one month recently with 70 +5
I heard that nec is given generally to all nurses who can not demonstrate their experience and related duties to a particular anzco code

My experience, when I submitted my exp letter to anmac claming medical 254418,they informed me that the letter is not following the duties and responsibilities of a registerd nurse medical so they are putting my anzco code as 254499 (not elsewhere classified)

I don’t know the job demand may be nec have more chance than other nurses