Estimate for invitation 189 and 190 in 2019

Have seen many nurses with 254499 nec codes get invites.
But m not sure about my 254412 aged care invites.
Can I keep nec code and show work exp in closely related occupation? I’d it’s possible?

Victoria needs 2 year work exp I guess ? For 190
Which I don’t have

Yes the requirement is 2 years

Do you know any case got 190 invitation recently in nsw or vic

VIC invited 254499 on 1/4/19 with 60 points , exp 0 years, Ielts 7 and EOI effect date was 18/3/19


With zero experience it’s not possible to apply
For overseas nurse

May be its selected from vic graduate occupation list

I have checked that I think so many applicants has not updated the current status after invitation they are leaving with out updating

I have lodged EOI to NSW and Victoria in Jan 2019 with Registered nurse nec with 65+5(s.nomination)
Age -25
S.nomination -5
Total =70

No invitation still waiting

Hi Nikki
My friend got invitation from NSW 190 with 75 points this week including 5 state spons.
Nikki Go for PTE 79+
U can increase ur point scores while waiting for invitation as 75 has very good chances for 190 and 189
Good luck.

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May I know the anzco code of your friend and DOE date

DOE- Feb 2019

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Thanks a lot dear.m from india.i will try but its very difficult for me to achieve PTE 79+,as my english is not so good.
I thought for NAATI but test date is too long…
Any chances of 489??

PTE is much better than Ielts , with hard work u can achieve 79 each
But in ielts 8 each is difficult even with lot of hard work.
489 yes of course as u have experience , check NT Darwin for 190 and 489 , it’s open now.
Rest all other state applications are suspended and will open in new financial year (July)

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Thanks Jkaur
Actually i attempted ielts 2 times and got overall 6 bands then i attempted OET i got B each in single attempt…
M working in hospital in india from last 5 yrs.after bridging i returned to india continued my job here…will check northern territory.
should i go for 489 for NT or wait for 190 Victoria or NSW with 65+5 till july…(invitation applied in jan 2019) If any hope for 190. Bcoz i want to go for 190…


Hi how are you ? I am very interested to know after submitting EOI application for subclass 189 with 65 points how long would it take for an invite ? If application is done with vetasses or ACS for EOI how long would it take ?

Hi @turboracer
What is your ANZSCO code?

The chances of invite vary for each code.

the code is 261313 ?

Hi @turboracer
Sorry to say, but there is no chance of invite for 261313 with 65 points.
You need at-least 75 points at this point to have any realistic chance of invitation.

Hi Anil,

any estimate for chance of invite for 262112 - ICT security Specialist with 70 in 189 and 75 in 190(NSW, VIC)?.

Age = 25
Education =15
Exp - 10
PTE -20

My EOI lodge date is 09/04/2019.

Hi @gavas2000
The chance of invite looks bleak at this time with 70 points for 262112 ICT security specialist.

You may have a better chance starting July 2019 but i would still advise to try and increase points to at-least 75 to have any realistic chance.