Estimation for Civil Engineering(233211) invitation 189 and 190 in 2019

Hello, could you please tell whether there are chances to get an invitation for 189 with 65 points and 190 with 70 points for Civil Engineering.
My points
Age - 25, Education - 15, PTE - 20, Partner - 5
I have submitted the EOI form today(05/02/19), so when can I expect the invitation or what are my chances of getting invited for 189 and 190?

Chance of invitation is very low for Civil engineer with 65/70 points.

I suggest to increase your points to at-least 70 to have any realistic chance of invite.

Thanks for the quick response, I’ll be turning 25 by next March which gives me an extra 5 points. What are my chances then?

The last draw invited people with 80 points. I would be able to estimate better with next draw results.

I have applied for EOI on the basis of 190 (NSW) with 65 points on 11 November 2018, later on 15 may 2019, i have updated with 75 points.

SO, Could you please tell me about the date of eoi and date of effect. Will they consider these six months or jst 15 days.

What are the chances of getting PR as a civil engineer.

Hi @chenna_kesava
The date of effect is when your points change. So, in your case, the date would be May 15, 2019.

The last draw invited people with 80 points. I would be able to estimate better with next draw results.

I have applied for EOI today with 70 points for 189, i am a civil engineer as well. What are the chances and estimate for me getting an invitation? Should i apply for state sponsorship? Which state would be better ?

Hi @Rahul_Mhatre

The chances for 189 invite are low but may improve after July 2019.

I suggest to apply for all states and then select whichever sends you an invite.

Hello Anil,

Can you help me on this, I have 75 points for 189 visa and 80 points for 190 visa for ANZCO code 233211. What are my chances of getting selected. Also would like to know, Am I eligible for spouse skill 5 points ( wife is an electronics engineer).

Hi @Siocio

You may get an invite by Oct 2019 with 75 points for 233211.

Hi, I have just completed my MSA ( 233211). At present, I have 70 points for 189.
With sate nomination I can get 75 pts. Shall I apply for EOI ? If so for which 189/ 190 ?
Or shall I wait for Nov 19 change as my wife has competent English. My concern is i will be aged 33 by April,2020.
thanks & regards

Hi @anoopgeorge86

It is always better to file EOI and then update the points as and when they have a chance to improve.

The chances are low at this time but may improve after November 2019.

What are the chances of receiving an ITA for 233211, if EOI lodged on July with only 70 points under 189 subclass?? This is my maximum score.

Hi @sjsheno

Chances are low for an invite with 70 points for 233211 at this time. I suggest to increase points to at-least 75 to have any realistic chance of invite.

@Anil.Gupta I applied for 489 for Tasmania with 65+10 points on 5th Aug 2019, I am civil engineer with EA positive assessment on 11th July 2019. PTE 7+ in all, Age 30, 5 year work experience (30age+10exp+10eng+15edu=65(by myself))

when can i receive state nomination from TAS 489??
I applied 190 victoria 70 pts and 189 65 points , but are useless to discuss.
do you suggest applying for NT 489 as well??

My wife have 6+ in english , but her skill in not in same list as mine. so no use as of now.

Out of TAS and NT which one is better for civil engineers?

Hi @Kunal_Dewangan

As per my opinion, chances are low for an invite. You should try to increase your points by at-least 10.

Hi @Anil.Gupta
I have updated my EOI of 189 and 190 today for ANZSCO 233211 i.e 15-08-2019. I have 75 points for 189 and 80 for 190. I have applied subclass 190 for Victoria, NSW and SA. Can you tell me that do I have any chances to get the invite? If I have any chance then when can I expect the invite? I really appreciate your work as you are helping so many people.
Thank you.

I also updated my profile on 17th aug 2019 with 80 points as civil engineer. I searched for all all state nominations and found that except ACT all require either previous residency or job offer in that respective state. So if u are also not in that particular state go and check ACT rather than other states. I am hoping to get invite by Oct if the numbers are not reduced further, ( fingers crossed)

Hi @Anil.Gupta pls correct/ update me :point_up_2:

Hi Parmod Godara, I appreciate your response and seems to be like we both are claiming same number of points. I want to ask you, how positive you are about getting invite by October keeping the upcoming changes in view?
According to my research I believe that they aren’t gonna give many invites until the changes come into effect and as they are giving points for unmarried people and people who have working spouse, the cut off is likely to increase.