Expedite approved.. when we will get EAD

Our expedite request was approved and received below email.
When can we expect EAD

" The documentation submitted meets the requirements for expedited processing of your application. You should receive a decision or notice of further action within 14 days.

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Hi @Santosh_Asbe


You should get EAD Approval within 10 days now. Usually, it is approved within 3-5 days.

Would you be able to share the documents that you sent for your EAD expedite request?

My wife moved from H1 to L2. we gave financial loss and shared below document

  • i797 for Approved L1 and L2
  • pay stubs
  • home rent / car loan/ kid school payment receipts
  • HR letter stating stoppage of work

Thanks @Santosh_Asbe

I appreciate it.

Can I submit expedite request for H4 alone? Mine are standalone applications for H4 (apr 16, Nebraska center) and He EAD on May 29(Vermont service center)
You’ve mentioned clearly H4 needs to be approved before EAD. Is this a possibility I can explore?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @inthepresent

Expedite option is only available for EAD applications.

@Anil.Gupta Thank you for the clarification

@Santosh_Asbe, Which service center was your case?

and did you mail/email the documents? did they give any instructions on the call, for documents submission?

Texas. Once we called, they emailed us and provided email to send documents for them to approve the expedite request

Here are the timelines for reference

Expedite approved - 11 Jul
Card being produced - 16 Jul
Card was mailed - 18-Jul
Card received - 21-Jul

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Thank you so much for your information.

I applied for my EAD 4 months ago, and I still have no answer, even when my office has already review cases submitted when I submitted mine.

So I have no clue about why my case has this delay. I am a teacher and we are about to start the school, so my principal is really concern about the situation.

She suggested to find a way to make the process faster, so I had found your information. I am not sure how to contact the congressman to help my case, and also as I am a J2 I don’t think loss of financial could be use as a reason.

If you could indicate me how to contact the congressman and if that could help my case. Appreciate your help.

Hi @maria.m

Here is the step by step process to file EAD expedite request with financial loss reason.