USCIS EAD Expedite Request Questions & Answers

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Hi Anil,
I have applied H4 ead ext for my spouse on May 16th and had biometric appoint on June 3rd. So far there is no update from USCIS.

My question
We blessed with baby boy in the month of May. my wife have to pay hospital bill of around $10,000. can my wife request USCIS to expedite here H4 Ead approval? Because she is the primary insurance owner ,She has to pay the bills and if she lost job. It’s hard for her to pay the bill and lost the insurance as well.

Hi @venki_k22

You can try to file expedite request.

You need to understand that H1B is the primary person as per US Immigration law and not the H4.

H4 is considered a dependent and H1B is responsible for all expenses.

Rest depends on the USCIS case officer who looks at your case.

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H My F1 OPT expedite request approved 22 days before. No update on EAD approval.
What action should I take it?

Hi @sanjaykarna

Usually, if the EAD expedite request is approved, you get a response within 10 days.

Are you sure it was approved?

Yes , I am sure. I have email for it.

Can you pls. suggest what can be done?


Hi @sanjaykarna

Nothing can be done except waiting.

Thanks Anil.

It was mentioned in the email.

“You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 30 days of the date of this letter.”

By August 20 thirty days will be over.

Is it suggestive timeline or mandatory timeline to finish the case?

Hi @sanjaykarna

As I said, usually people receive EAD approval within 10 days of the expedite approval.

This time is indicative but in 99% of cases, you do get result within this time.

Hi Anil,
We had applied L1 A,L2 in July in premium processing. We got an RFE but L1 petition is already approved now. This was processed in California center. Since my husband’s company does not apply EAD and Since my L2 EAD was till August 11, I had already applied for renewal 180 days before expiry.

Though L1 is approved,my and my son’s application is still pending and of-course my EAD
I had requested for expedition of the application, I had provided my employers letter stating gap in employment, pay-stub showing financial loss (since I am a contractor) earning per hour rate, offer letter and L1 approval notice. But unfortunately my expedition was denied.

I also contacted my local congressmen representative requesting to expedite my case and he has submitted again with USCIS and awaiting a response.

Is it possible for them still consider with the help of congressmen and expedite the case even though once the expedite request was already denied.

Usually what other documents would be good enough to expedite
Any suggestions on this topic would be appreciated

Hi @lalita_jain

Anything is possible. USCIS may or may not accept the expedite request again.

I have given the list of documents for EAD expedite request here.

Since we applied for I539 on July 7th and the processing time for california shows 2.5 months in the website.
Assuming its already past 2 months and 10 days, keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives.
Earlier L1 and L2 used to be approved together if applied together.
Thanks for your input

Hello, guys.

Recently, my hometown back in PH has been devastated by a strong typhoon. Severe damages were made to our property and would cost much for repairs to be made. Local jobs were also badly affected.

With this, I was wondering if submitting the current situation of my family would be enough proof for my EAD expedite request?

Your insights would be highly appreciated.

Hi @Cindy_Acacio

You can try as it can be a valid reason.

hello, I applied to renew my EAD exactly 6 months before expiring (they recommend not doing it before 6 months) so I would have enough time to get the approval, but the USCIS website says it can take up to 8 months to get a new card. How to proceed in that case since you don’t even have an option to renew before 6 months? Is there anything I can do about it?

Hi @cazambon

The only option is to file an EAD expedite request but USCIS may or may not approve it.

I know its a bit contradictory but that’s how USCIS works and there is no other way around.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Any idea how long it takes USCIS to acknowledge RFE receipt and/or approve or deny expedite request?
I raised expedite request for L2-EAD on January 2nd.
Got RFE letter and submitted response by email on January 11th.

The case status page has only status as of January 2nd expedite request and nothing after that.

There is no fixed time but they usually respond within 10 days.