For Australia PR: ACT Skilled Nominated Visa- Subclass 190 for Public Relations Professional (225311)

I am keen to live and work in Australia, ACT Skilled Nominated Visa- Subclass 190 is open for Public Relations Professional (225311) .
Source: November end update by ACT

My point score is 65, my husband is an international medical graduate and we have a 3 year old child. I have got VETASSESS done myself, positive. Now want to file EOI- SkillSelect, however not sure if I should apply for both 189 and 190 or only 190- currently it is only open in ACT. - PLEASE ADVISE.

Also as per ACT requirements, I have query on two parts- the point related to work experience could be a concern if the company I am working for is defined as industry, but if my field is considered as industry than it is Public Relations.

 Your skills and at least 12 months experience in the nominated occupation must be relevant to the ACT economy. Experience in heavy industry, manufacturing, production, mining; shipping, gas and oil, head office banking and railways are not generally considered relevant industries given the structure of the ACT economy which is primarily knowledge-based.

 You must have access to sufficient financial assets to fund your migration and settlement in Canberra while you seek employment. You need to be realistic about employment expectations once you arrive in Canberra as it can take, on average, up to six months to secure employment. This timeframe is only indicative, as the economy and employment market can vary considerably throughout the year- if you can help define access to sufficient financial assets please, considering it will be a family visa for us including our daughter (3 years).

kindly help me determine if I fair any chance if I file my nomination. May I request for your immediate attention to this matter, as this will help me decide the future course of action.


I suggest to apply EOI for 189 and 190 if the job code is available for selection.

The financial assets means that you should have enough money to support your family on Australia until you get a job.

Usually, for a family of 3, i suggest to keep AUD $4500 per month expenses as a minimum amount in bank.

Thanks so much… I don’t know how to check or where to check, if job code is available for 189 for EOI portal? On main home office site currently Public Relation under 189 is closed… but EOI when I am choosing for both 189 & 190, it is accepting.

For financial expenses do we need to have balance for one year or two year in hand? All in cash or fixed assets will be counted?

Also can you explain the relevant industry part, if that make me eligible or not? As my company is into manufacturing of metals and pwer and mining.


The expenses part is for your general information.

Each state has their own financial status requirement to be shown as part of PR process. Some states like NSW do not even have any such bank balance as eligibility criteria.

I can only guide with the immigration process and not the industry part.

Thanks Sir!

Another query is while I am filling my SkillSelect for there is a question about-
Would the client be prepared to live outside an Australian capital city?*
Yes /No

This question will not affect eligibility for selected visa types in this EOI. This is only information to help Employers or State/Territory governments to search for relevant EOIs.

So should I be choosing YES or NO? I am currently applying for ACT as it is open in ACT only under 190. Thanks!

Its your choice if you are okay to stay outside city or not.

Sure. Thanks for your response.

In Education History column, One of my qualification is called ‘Masters in Mass Communication’ however VETASSESS has recognised as AQF Graduate Diploma, please advise if I should be choosing it as Graduate Diploma under the dropdown menu for QUALIFICATION or Masters Degree (others)? And with Course name I can define it as Masters in Mass Communication. Please confirm.

Thanks so much!

You should write whatever has been judged by assessment agency in your EOI.

That’s important as the EOI will calculate points on the basis of what you enter. The VETASSESS report will be later looked by immigration officer to judge your claims.

In my case Vetassess is my assessment agency, and as per their assessment report my qualification (Masters in Mass Communication) is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an AQF Graduate Diploma. So I should write it as Graduate Diploma… ?

Yes, you should write Graduate diploma in your EOI.


What would be the estimated time for receiving the NSW pre invite for 225311 public relations professional? The current EOI that I have submitted has 75 points (70+5). I am waiting for my skills re-assessment report which would give me an additional 5 points for experience in Aus. In the meantime, is there a timeframe for getting invited at 75 points?


Hi @synergix123

There is no time frame for state invites. They send it on their own schedule and their own requirements which they do not share publicly.

Thanks for your response Anil. Just wondering what are the chances of getting an invite with 75 points.

Hi @synergix123

Chances are good for an invite.

Thanks Sir. Are there any specific formalities required for filling state nomination for NSW beyond Skill Select? Please guide. as for ACT, Canberra matrix is another requirement, which i forgot to fill in May. Recently updated my EOI and also filled Canberra Matrix.

For NSW my profession is in low demand (Public Relations) but is open, what would be the chances for NSW with 70 points.


Hi @Kavita

NSW does not have any other requirement except selecting the 190 option in your SkillSelect EOI.

Hi @Anil.Gupta. I am applying for my wife with 75+5= 80 points for NSW 190 Public Relations Professional. What are the chances of getting an invite?
I will add an additional 5 points on 16 Nov for my English skill. So it will become 85. (My job is not in her list).

Also waiting for VIC to add this job. This was in their draft list this year. Do you know when they are going to release their 2019 job list?

Hi @chandrarcc

You have good chance of invite. I cannot really say when the job will be added to VIC’s list.

Hi @Anil.Gupta. Thanks for all your help.
We have got our pre-invite with 75+5= 80 points for NSW 190 Public Relations Professional in the latest 19th Sept draw. Waiting for the invitation. Wanted to finish our PCC meanwhile. Have below questions.

We are residing we Singapore currently and will be needing India and Singapore PCC.

  1. For India PCC, they ask for an evidence (CO letter) to prove that we need the same. Can I show my pre-invitation letter and DIBP list of required documents instead? Or is there any other way to get it without waiting for the CO letter?

  2. For Singapore PCC, they ask for proof of spouse application which we don’t have as of now. We will only have this when we are filling and submitting the Form 80 later (am I right? ). Is there is anything else which I can show as of now to get it done?


Hi @chandrarcc, Congratulations on getting the pre invite! May I know when did you submit your EOI, please? I have submitted mine on 6th September with 80 points as well and haven’t received pre invite yet.