H1/H4 Visa Dropbox Appointments in 2024

I have been looking for H1/H4 Visa Dropbox appointments since last two months for May/Jun this year at Hyderabad VAC. I couldn’t find a single slot though I see many slots available in May inlcuding months in Feb/Mar/Apr/May in Chennai VAC.

Why there are no single slot available in any other consulate other than Chennai?

It’s hard to find a single slot and this seems like very odd. Is this very common or something has changed since last year? Any guidance on this is very much appreicated.



Can anyone help out on this?

Thanks, Sreenivasan

From October 1st, 2023 , most nonimmigrant visa interview waiver (Dropbox) cases will be centralized at Chennai Consulate. This includes visa categories such as C1/D, F, H, J, L, and M, with the exception of B1/B2 visas.

Applicants can still drop off and pick up their interview waiver documents at any of the 5 VACs or 6 Document Drop Off Centers located throughout India. Documents will be forwarded to the Chennai office. However, if an in person interview is required, it will be held at the Chennai location.

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Thanks for your reply. Does it mean, I can still go to Hyderabad or any other location to drop passports though appointment for Chennai location?

Is there any news or website link if consulate general in India has notified this change? I have wasted since last 2 months though I found few slots in May.


I still don’t see any H4 Dropbox slots in Chennai for June 2024. Anyone know if slots are even open for June month ?


Yes, I don’t see June slots opened. I have been looking for the last 2 and half months but seems like only Chennai slots are available until May’24.

Still June slots are not open, any idea when they will release ?

Hi anyone knows is der slots available for dropbox in chennai for may or june 2024 … if anyone knows let me know it vill be very helpful … Thank you…

Hi All,

wanted to understand, June/July slots are released or not till now ?

Not sure, it seems we all are waiting for slots to open. Anil or Pankaj have any insights, it will be very helpful.

not sure, is that correct ? I have been checking slots since 2nd Jan, I saw slots in Feb, March, April and May. Never see dates June & July.

have you seen dates for Chennai Sep dates ?

Jun slots were never opened, on march 14 t first week of June was opened and filled up quickly

Any guess why June /July slots are not open ? when they will be released ?

Slots are avaiable for april and May, book immediately

Thanks, good to know though slots dates doesn’t work for me, it gives confidence that they will open more slots in coming days!

right, I am looking for June / July months…

H1B stamping in April 1st week, flying to India after many years. Passport will be with consulate for stamping. Can I show copy of original passport and airport checking as I need to fly domestic to my home state. I do not have any aadhar or pan or voters basically no other Indian ID other than Indian passport. Very stressed as old parents are unwell and need to meet them at my home state. Please give me help ideas.

“All H&L processing will be centralized in the U.S. consulates in Chennai and Hyderabad. This change will only apply to applicants who are scheduling new appointments. Existing appointments will be honored in the originally scheduled locations.
Applicants who are eligible for interview waiver (Dropbox) should note that they are allowed to submit interview waiver applications, according to their scheduled date and time, free of cost at any of the five Visa Application centers (VAC) in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Or, for a nominal fee of Rs.850 per application, applicants can also drop off at the six document delivery locations in Ahmedabad, Banglore, Chandigarh, Cochin, Jalandhar and Pune”

This is copied from the official website of USVISASCHEDULING. hope this helps

Alright. So I have an update here. You have to make an appointment at Chennai VAC only (For H & L VISA class dropbox). but then you can go to any VAC centers (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata) at your appointment time to drop off your documents. OR you can drop off your documents at paid (Rs. 850) drop-off locations (Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Kochi).
I am copying instructions from official website down below

For Interview Waiver Applicants
Documents can be only submitted on Appointment Date at below Locations ONLY.
You should arrive at exactly the time of your appointment; you will not be permitted to enter the facility before the time listed on your appointment letter.
The U.S. Embassy/ Consulates in India offer free document pickup/submission services at the OFC where the Embassy/Consulate is located. Applicants collecting/submitting documents from any other locations will need to pay a nominal fee of Rs 850/- per individual at the time of pickup/submission.
Location - Free /Paid Drop off location
New Delhi VAC - Free of cost drop-off location
Mumbai VAC - Free of cost drop-off location
Chennai VAC - Free of cost drop-off location
Hyderabad VAC - Free of cost drop-off location
Kolkata VAC - Free of cost drop-off location

Chandigarh - Paid drop-off location (Rs 850/- per individual)
Jalandhar - Paid drop-off location (Rs 850/- per individual)
Ahmedabad - Paid drop-off location (Rs 850/- per individual)
Pune - Paid drop-off location (Rs 850/- per individual)
Bengaluru - Paid drop-off location (Rs 850/- per individual)
Kochi - Paid drop-off location (Rs 850/- per individual)

To view location address -

Failure to submit the required information on Appointment date at above locations will result in your application being tagged as No show. Your receipt will be activated after 24 hours. After the no show is updated you may able to reschedule an appointment. Please log in to your profile on
for choosing the available date for submitting your documents.
Please print one copy of this page and submit it with the following documents to any of the above Document Drop-Off location. Kindly collect this copy of the letter back as acknowledgment towards submission of your documents.

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Does anyone know if any appointment for December 2024 were open anytime and if so are they already taken. I am looking for December 2024 appointment and for last one month I did not see any appointment available for Dropbox for Chennai. Please guide.