H1/H4 Visa Dropbox Appointments in 2024

I have been looking for H1/H4 Visa Dropbox appointments since last two months for May/Jun this year at Hyderabad VAC. I couldn’t find a single slot though I see many slots available in May inlcuding months in Feb/Mar/Apr/May in Chennai VAC.

Why there are no single slot available in any other consulate other than Chennai?

It’s hard to find a single slot and this seems like very odd. Is this very common or something has changed since last year? Any guidance on this is very much appreicated.



Can anyone help out on this?

Thanks, Sreenivasan

From October 1st, 2023 , most nonimmigrant visa interview waiver (Dropbox) cases will be centralized at Chennai Consulate. This includes visa categories such as C1/D, F, H, J, L, and M, with the exception of B1/B2 visas.

Applicants can still drop off and pick up their interview waiver documents at any of the 5 VACs or 6 Document Drop Off Centers located throughout India. Documents will be forwarded to the Chennai office. However, if an in person interview is required, it will be held at the Chennai location.

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Thanks for your reply. Does it mean, I can still go to Hyderabad or any other location to drop passports though appointment for Chennai location?

Is there any news or website link if consulate general in India has notified this change? I have wasted since last 2 months though I found few slots in May.


I still don’t see any H4 Dropbox slots in Chennai for June 2024. Anyone know if slots are even open for June month ?

Yes, I don’t see June slots opened. I have been looking for the last 2 and half months but seems like only Chennai slots are available until May’24.