H1/H4 Visa Dropbox Appointments in 2024

Today couple of dates in June were released, too much traffic on website not able to book, after pressing submit button I got an error after few seconds, happend 4 times

I could not able to book slot for June.

hope few more released soon

Aug dates are available

Hi ,Are May slots available for booking…? Are they already released or not…Anyone knows

yu may get May month dates, please keeo monitor

i could see few May slots available for chennai… not sure how long they available

Hi, i am looking for June or July visa appointments. please let me know if you see any openings. Thank you.

I am also looking for visa appointments for between may thru Aug… anyone have any luck

Lot of May dates are now showing. I m looking for June. Hope they show up soon.

I see every body saying May slots are open in chennai for h4 drop box but i dont know why none of the open slots in May are showing up for me …is this website problem ?

I see slots till Mary 10th for 3 members H4 dropbox

i don’t know why none of the open slots are showing up for me until September …

What is your VISA category you are looking for? I was seeing slots until of middle of May for H4.

H4 chennai location…

Sep, Oct-24 chennai dates are available…

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I am also looking for H4 drop box slots for Chennai. I am looking for July-August. But May slots are open and today I see September and October slots are also open.

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Hi, I am looking for H1B August 2024. Was there any slots open so far for August 2024. I don;t see any slots now. Is it not yet opened or it is opened up and got finished.

I don’t sees any slots for Aug 2024, Did you see slots for August at any time earlier.?

I don’t know what visa category you are looking, but for H4 drop box they never opened June-August. From May they opened september and october. Not sure if they will open the summer months slots.