H1/H4 Visa Dropbox Appointments in 2024

It opened at around noon. It started filling up real fast. I selected 10th and by the time I hit submit, it was gone. Even 7th I had only one time show up and 2 slots in it.

Even waiting on june/july slots. Not sure if it will open up!

Few slots in June are available now

Hi folks, I am looking for dropboax appointment for July/August 2024. Any idea when these slots would be open? Also it looks like the slots will only be visible for Chennai even if we want to drop off the documents in a different location. Right?

I saw a lot of June slots opened up in the night yesterday and it got filled up very quickly.But I think they are slowly opening up some slots.

July 1st slots are showing up now.

Please inform if anyone is able to see any June slots available.

I see h1b dropbox slots available in chennai only. so we can schedule the appointment in Chennai and drop documents from any of the locations on that date at that time and pay the fee of Rs.850/- is it? There were some June slots available right now. They were gone about 10 minutes later.

I don’t see any June slots now. Earlier lots of July slots were open. If someone here sees June slots open please inform.

Same here, looking for June Slots. I will keep you guys posted . No slots available as of today