H1b 5th stamping and US embassy might revoke petition after form 221g

Hi @Anil.Gupta
I saw that you help everyone with your expertise and experience. Here I am seeking some help too.
Here is my details
My husband is h1 b and my self on h4.
We had drop box : submitted docs on 10 June.
We received passport back with yellow slip , ask to submit docs like client letter , LCA , educational docs , SOW .
We submitted docs on 21st June.
We received update on 24 th August to come Down for interview.
We attended interview on 26 th August. They ask for finger printing and then took interview.
During interview officer took interview for 15 min. Then officer said that he has some issues with Petition, he said it seems your petitioner did something in past some wrong !!

Then he said he will need to send the petition back to dc Washington, and it might be chance of revoke.
It’s our 5th stamping after living in USA from last 13 years.

Green card is in process too.
Any updates on this ? You can guide anything on it ?

Hi @Nasikkar

Can you share more details about exactly what did the visa officer said?

Has he issued any form 221g which says that your H1B petition is being sent to USCIS for possible ‘revocation’?

Can you share the form 221g that was issued to you?

Hi thanks for getting back.

Visa officer took interview for 15 min and then ask to sit and wait.

After 15/20 min he called us again , and then said he can’t approve our visa as of now , and he return the passport back.

Then he said he found something wrong about the petitioner, he clearly said it’s nothing related with you guys or your documents but it is related with your petitioner.

Then he added saying that he will contact dc Washington and then whatever update he gets from them accordingly he will take decision.

Lately he said it might cancel your petition too.

And while leaving the counter he said it can take 2 weeks or 2 months , there is no time frame. He didn’t give us any slip lately.

Hi @Nasikkar

It is possible that your case has been sent for security clearance as the visa officer mentioned Washington DC. I can only guess it based on the information you have provided.

At this time, talk to your employer and check if they received any kind of communication.

Also, be prepared to wait for 6-8+ weeks as this is the normal processing time for these kind of cases.

@Anil.Gupta Thnks you so much for your response.
But we guys are already waiting from last 8 weeks !! We first submitted our docs through drop box on 10 th June.
Secondly is it related with NOIR ( revocation ) by any chance ? Or is more inclined to security issues ? Is there any way to expedite the scenario ?
We informed same to our employer and he said recently 3 people did successful stamping after we went for India trip.
Should we file another petition through same employer , will it help is by any means ?

Hi @Nasikkar

Filing a new petition will not help as this issue is related to visa processing and not your petition.

If US embassy sends your petition to USCIS for revocation, they will issue you a form 221g which would say that they doing it.

There is no way to expedite it.

As i said, there is no time frame for these cases. It can take any amount of time.

I understand your situation but that’s how US system works and i can only tell you how it is.

If i get across any similar case, i will share the details with you.

I appreciate your valuable feedback. Will keep you posted for any updates .

One more query what does it mean : case is with embassy/ consulate and will contact you for further information if needed.

It simply means that US embassy is working on your case.

Hi, we drop email to support , and we received feedback that our case is went for additional administrative processing , and it might take 180 days ,after your interview or document submitted whichever is later.

So have you came across any scenario where case went for additional administrative processing ? And how long did it take to issue the visa.

We have already submitted our docs on 10th June, then we submitted additional docs on 20th June and again we went for interview on 26th August.

Hi @Nasikkar

Administrative processing is normal and many people get it everyday. Unfortunately, there is no fixed time and it varies with each case.

You can read other’s experiences here:

But administrative processing and additional administrative processing without any slip , is same ?

Hi @Nasikkar

If you have not been asked to submit any documents, then it is sometimes a bit faster than the one when they ask you for more documents.