H1b picked in Lottery this year what are chances of approval for my case?

I am f1 student filled H1b with change of status in April while I was in USA.

After filling came to India for family emergency and I was not able to go back to USA as my F1 visa expired and F1 visa renewal denied.

My H1b got in lottery and I am working for same employer and same client from offshore.
What are the chances of getting approval?

Can some one please help me with suggestions what I can do to get approval?

You have already submitted your application. Read about the steps after H1B lottery selection.

You cannot do anything now unless you get an RFE to request for more documents.

Just sit back, relax and wait for USCIS decision.

You can check the H1B approval rate for various companies based on USCIS official data.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for you reply, My h1b petition got approved last friday,what are the chances of getting visa approval??

I am still outside USA, Do you think approval was done on Consular processing or change of status?

If you are outside US, H1B Approval is always ‘consular processing’.

The chances of approval depend on your paperwork. I cannot guess it for your case when i do not even know what job you do.

I am Servicenow developer and administrator since 4 years and I have paper work like client letter ,vendor letter etc ,can you guess now ?

Hi @Venkat11areddy

Guess: Good chance of Approval.

Rest depends on your employer and their reputation.

Check this:

Thanks Anil,Sounds better to me.


My employer didn’t receive h1b approval notice, Can I get h1b approval notice through USCIS FOIA request?

Hi @Venkat11areddy

H1b Approval notice takes 7-21 days to be delivered by mail to your attorney in US.

They will then send it to India to your employer. It will take time.

You can get approval from USCIS FOIA but that would take months to process. FOIA is as fast as you may think.

Hi Anil,

I am India and my h1b petition approved with change of status.Can I transfer my h1b petition to new employer while I was in india??

Hi @Venkat11areddy

I do not recommend filing H1B transfer before Oct 1. It has very high chance of denial or RFE.

My employer is not providing h1b approval copy ,what are the further steps I can do to get visa stamping without approval copy?

if not what I can do further with my h1b?

Hi @Venkat11areddy

What is the excuse given by your Employer? You need the original approval at the time of visa stamping interview.

As far as i know, you will get form 221g issued to submit i797 approval if you don’t carry one.

As I see my sevis terminated on 1st October and change of status approved (DSO informed )so my petition approved with i797A.

I am outside USA so my employer is not caring for my family emergency situations.

As petition was approved stating I was in USA so he is not giving any reply but he is running payroll as I am working for the same client from offshore.

My employer has no mercy on me. So, what is the best approach for me going forward??

Hi @Venkat11areddy

Will you be able to explain this situation to US visa officer? Do you think he will have mercy on your situation?

Your employer and you probably have a contract and now there are problems that you cannot discuss online. I am not sure what to suggest to you at this time.

As mentioned my Petition was approved with COS,Can I transfer to different employer with receipt number or do you want me wait 2 more months??

Hi @Venkat11areddy

You can file H1B transfer.

I went for stamping Chennai Yesterday.

They verified all the documents and gave me 221g blue slip with administrative processing as marked. No documents collected and passport retained.

Can you please let me know what is meant by 221g blue slip? How many days it will take?

Hi @Venkat11areddy

If Visa officer has kept your passport, then it is a good sign.

See similar case from Chennai: