H1B visa renewal stamping with previous Public Intoxication Case

Hello -

I am current on H1B visa with approved I-140. My current stamped visa is expired. I need to travel to India and thus will need to go through H1B Visa Stamping. Based on current rules I am eligible for drop box (interview waiver).

3 years back I was detained for couple of hours on a public intoxication charge. The case was deferred dismissed and then later expunged.

While filling up DS-160 I entered yes to the arrest question and provided brief details about my case. I have all the court documents with me.

My questions:

  1. Will I get 221g for the public intoxication case ? Should I submit the court documents along with rest of the documents during the dropbox appointment to avoid 221g ?

  2. If I still get 221g and I am asked to come for an in person interview, will I get appointment slots or will I end up waiting for months until I get lucky to find a slot ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Class C misdemeanor is not really a big deal. If there was a deferred disposition it is considered a pardon and if the fine was paid I dont think it would cause any issues however it just depends on the VO.
You can submit any disposition documents from court to be on safer side.

Normally any documents for 221g for dropbox are submitted via email communication.

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Hii folks, Little guidance needed for my H1b visa stamping.

Unfortunately, In 2015 I was arrested for Fare evasion at NY. All of my charges were dropped after completion of adjourned contemption dismissal(6 months period) and the case was dismissed &expunged. Now I’ve plan to go to India in the month of march. Does this arrest record will cause of getting my H1b visa.
Also, Do I need to submit my court disposition certificate along with dropbox documents??

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

No harm in submitting the copy.